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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment - Experiment 141

Monoculture species green leaf total N and delta 15N

Years Available: 2002

Principle Investigators

West, Jason
West, Jason
West, Jason
Reich, Peter

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1ExperimentCedar Creek Experiment designator
2YearYear (YYYY)
5CO2 treatmentCedar Creek CO2 TreatmentCenriched = 564ppm, Camb = ambient Carbon
6Nitrogen treatmentCedar Creek Nitrogen TreatmentNenrich=4g NH4NO3 per MeterSquared per year, Namb=Ambient Nitrogen
7CountOfSpeciesCount of species planted in plotnumber
8Functional groupFunctional group of species in plotF=non-leguminous forb, 3=C-3 grass, L=leguminous forb, 4=C-4 grass
9SpeciesSpecies analyzed
10SampleUnique sample identifier
11delta 15N(in per mil)delta 15N (in per mil)dimensionless
12Percent nitrogenPercent nitrogen in leaf tissue sampledimensionless


ExperimentYearRingPlotCO2 treatmentNitrogen treatmentCountOfSpeciesFunctional groupSpeciesSampledelta 15N(in per mil)Percent nitrogen
1412002149CenrichNenrich1FAchillea millefolium049B111.21.69
14120023159CenrichNamb1FAchillea millefolium159B2.91.27
14120024210CambNenrich1FAchillea millefolium210B38.81.99
14120024223CambNamb1FAchillea millefolium223B-0.22
14120025257CenrichNamb1FAchillea millefolium257B-0.21.51
14120025276CenrichNenrich1FAchillea millefolium276B25.91.79
14120026339CambNamb1FAchillea millefolium339B0.31.5
14120026366CambNenrich1FAchillea millefolium366B58.31.94
1412002124CenrichNamb13Agropyron repens024B4.91.22
1412002136CenrichNenrich13Agropyron repens036B20.81.01
14120022111CambNamb13Agropyron repens111B0.21.37
14120022112CambNenrich13Agropyron repens112B31.71.27

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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment : Monoculture species green leaf total N and delta 15N

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