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Effect of Fire Frequency on Grassland Vegetation and Soils - Experiment 012

Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen

Years Available: 2000 - 2010

Principle Investigators

Knops, Johannes

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1FieldCedar Creek field designator
2ExperimentCedar Creek experiment
3YearYear (YYYY)
5Burn treatmentBurn treatment applied to plot1=plots burned every year; 2=plots burned every other year; 3=control - plots are not burned; 4=plots burned every fourth year
6SpeciesSpecies name
7Percent nitrogen Percent nitrogen in plant tissuedimensionless
8Percent carbon Percent carbon in plant tissuedimensionless
9Nitrogen contentBiomass times percent tissue nitrogendimensionless
10Carbon contentBiomass times percent tissue carbondimensionless


FieldExperimentYearPlotBurn treatmentSpeciesPercent nitrogen Percent carbon Nitrogen contentCarbon content
B12200014Achillea millefolium(lanulosa)1.20243.8550.1003.662
B12200014Miscellaneous litter0.71644.3481.19173.713
B12200014Miscellaneous sp.1.51741.7090.1644.521
B12200014Poa pratensis1.00043.8560.1134.934
B12200014Schizachyrium scoparium1.27944.4650.53018.431
B12200014Solidago nemoralis1.32143.6940.45715.111
B12200021Cyperus sp.1.22544.2670.0431.542
B12200021Lespedeza capitata2.66946.0160.0911.565
B12200021Miscellaneous litter0.89644.2700.1406.913
B12200021Miscellaneous sp.1.58838.2470.0390.945
B12200021Panicum oligosanthes1.30543.7100.0381.268
B12200021Rumex acetosella1.80342.6160.0471.122

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Effect of Fire Frequency on Grassland Vegetation and Soils: Plant aboveground biomass carbon and nitrogen

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