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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 142

Herbaceous Vegetation Survey

Years Available: 1999 - 2010

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter

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2YearYear (YYYY)
3MonthMonth of survey (MM)
5Point Point within the plot
6Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentNitrogen Treatment Identification (E, G or I)
7Annual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer applied to plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)Annual Nitrogen addition (fertilizer at 0.34%N times grams fertilizer added)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
91996 Canopy coverTree canopy cover over the point in 1996
10Burned (1=yes, 0=no)Experiment was burned or not burned1=burned that year, 0=was not burned that year
11Burn MonthIf burned, month burned
12Burn DayIf burned, burn day
13Species CodeFirst 3 letters of genus then first 2 letters of species
14Latin nameLatin Name of species surveyed
15Cover ClassBased on a modified Domin scale1=1 percent, 2=2 to 5 percent, 3=6 to 25 percent, 4=26 to 50 percent, 5=51 to 75 percent, 6=76 to 100 percent
16Absolute PercentAbsolute Percent Coverdimensionless


ExperimentYearMonthPlotPoint Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentAnnual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)1996 Canopy coverBurned (1=yes, 0=no)Burn MonthBurn DaySpecies CodeLatin nameCover ClassAbsolute PercentNotes
E14219990711I00in10424CarbiCarex bicknelli1
E14219990711I00in10424CarpeCarex pensylvanicus2
E14219990711I00in10424CelscCelastrus scandens1
E14219990711I00in10424ComumComandra umbellata1
E14219990711I00in10424CorpaCoreopsis palmata1
E14219990711I00in10424CoramCorylus americanus6
E14219990711I00in10424GalboGalium boreale2
E14219990711I00in10424LatveLathyrus venosus2
E14219990711I00in10424ParquParthenocissus quinquefolia1
E14219990711I00in10424PoaprPoa pratensis2
E14219990711I00in10424StispStipa spartea1
E14219990712I00in10424AndgeAndropogon gerardi4

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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes : Herbaceous Vegetation Survey

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