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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 142

Shrub survey

Years Available: 2005 - 2010

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter

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2YearYear of survey (YYYY)
4PointPoint within the plot
5Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentNitrogen Treatment Identification (E, G or I)
6Annual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer applied to plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
7Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)Annual Nitrogen addition (fertilizer at 0.34%N times grams fertilizer added)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
81996 Canopy coverTree canopy cover over the point in 1996
9Species codeFirst 3 letters of genus then first 2 letters of species
10Latin nameLatin Name of species surveyed
11Total stem countTotal stem count number


ExperimentYearPlot Point Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentAnnual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)1996 Canopy coverSpecies codeLatin nameTotal stem countNotes
E142200511I00inCoramCorylus americanus103
E142200511I00inQuemaQuercus macrocarpa1
E142200511I00inSpialSpiraea alba13
E142200512I00inAmocaAmorpha canescens2
E142200512I00inCoramCorylus americanus13
E142200512I00inQuemaQuercus macrocarpa2grub
E142200512I00inRosarRosa arkansana3
E142200513I00inQuemaQuercus macrocarpa4two individuals
E142200513I00inSpialSpiraea alba2
E142200514I00inCoramCorylus americanus11
E142200514I00inQuemaQuercus macrocarpa2
E142200515I00inQueelQuercus ellipsoidalis8two individuals, grub

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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes : Shrub survey

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