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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 142

Canopy litter biomass

Years Available: 1998 - 2019

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter
Reich, Peter

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Environmental Data Initiative data package

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1ExperimentCedar Creek Experiment Identifier
2YearYear of collection (YYYY)
3Burn Unit IDCedar Creek Burn Unit Identifier
4TARGET Burn Frequency (burns/year)Targeted (not actual) Burn Frequency treatmentdimensionless
5Burn CategoryBurn Frequency Category
6PlotE142 Plot Identifier
7Year Plot EstablishedYear plot was establish as part of E142
8PointPoint identifier within the plot
9Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentNitrogen Treatment Identification (E, G or I)
10Annual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer applied to plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
11Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)Annual Nitrogen addition (fertilizer at 0.34%N times grams fertilizer added)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
121996 Canopy coverTree canopy cover over the point in 1996
13BurnedExperiment was burned or not burned1=burned that year, 0=was not burned that year
14Litter typeType of sorted litter
15Mass (g/m2)Mass of sorted litter biomassgramsPerSquareMeter
16Litter trap Collection trap type and surface area in square meters


ExperimentYearBurn Unit IDTARGET Burn Frequency (burns/year)Burn CategoryPlotYear Plot EstablishedPointMicroplot Fertilizer TreatmentAnnual Nitrogen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)1996 Canopy coverBurnedLitter typeMass (g/m2)Litter trapNotes
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119961I00in0Acorns0.005GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119961I00in0Miscellaneous Litter19.125GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119961I00in0Oak Leaves135.825GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119962I00in0Acorns0.005GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119962I00in0Miscellaneous Litter9.205GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119962I00in0Oak Leaves146.425GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119965I00in0Acorns0.005GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119965I00in0Miscellaneous Litter0.195GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119965I00in0Oak Leaves131.455GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119968I00in0Acorns3.335GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119968I00in0Miscellaneous Litter256.105GalBucket_.0648m^2
E1421998BU 1060.667 High119968I00in0Oak Leaves145.775GalBucket_.0648m^2

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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes : Canopy litter biomass

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