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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 142

Tree survey

Years Available: 2000 - 2010

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter

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1Experiment of tree surveyExperiment where trees were surveyed
2Plot of tree surveyPlot where tree was surveyed
3Microplot Fertilizer TreatmentNitrogen Treatment Identification (E, G or I)
4Annual Nitrgen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Total annual nitrogen fertilizer applied to plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
5Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)Annual Nitrogen addition (fertilizer at 0.34%N times grams fertilizer added)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
6Survey YearSurvey Year (YYYY)
7Latin NameLatin Name of species surveyed
8Species CodeFirst 3 letters of genus then first 2 letters of species
9StemStem identifier
10Tree TagTree Tag
11Status CodeStatus of tree at time of surveyL=alive, D=dead, S=snapped, X=Fallen
12DBH (cm)Trunk diameter at breast heightcentimeter
13Status DescriptionStatus description
14IDMeasurement Identifier
15NotesField notes at time of survey


Experiment of tree surveyPlot of tree surveyMicroplot Fertilizer TreatmentAnnual Nitrgen fertilizer addition (g/m2/year)Annual percent Nitrogen addition (g/m2/year)Survey YearLatin NameSpecies CodeStemTree TagStatus CodeDBH (cm)Status DescriptionIDNotes
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2801L36.9Alive24890
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2804L15.7Alive24891
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2810L39.7Alive24892Other tag41
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2817L25Alive24893Other tag43
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaB2817L31.6Alive24894Other tag43
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2818L51.6Alive24895checked twice-big bulge was above dbh
1421I002000Quercus ellipsoidalisQueelA2826L33.8Alive24896
1421I002000Quercus ellipsoidalisQueelA2827L27.8Alive24897
1421I002000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2828L34.5Alive24898Other tag42
1422G50172000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2802L39.6Alive24899Other tag45
1422G50172000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2805L55.5Alive24900Other tag44
1422G50172000Quercus macrocarpaQuemaA2829L44.8Alive24901measured low-inserted nail where we measured

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Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem Processes : Tree survey

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