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The Small Biodiversity Experiment - Experiment 123

Vac Sampling arthropod community

Years Available: 1996

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David
Wedin, David
Reich, Peter
Knops, Johannes

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1ExpCedar Creek experiment number
2YearYear sampled (YYYY)
3MonthMonth sampled (MM)
5SpAddNumber of plant species in plotdimensionless
6C3Presence of C3 treatment species 1=Present, 0=Not present
7C4 Presence of C4 treatment species 1=Present, 0=Not present
8ForbPresence of forb treatment species 1=Present, 0=Not present
9LegPresence of legume treatment species 1=Present, 0=Not present
10TrtAchmiPresence of Achillea millefolium 1=Present, 0=Not present
11TrtAgrsmPresence of Agropyron smithii 1=Present, 0=Not present
12TrtAndgePresence of Andropogon gerardi 1=Present, 0=Not present
13TrtAnecyPresence of Anemone cylindrica 1=Present, 0=Not present
14TrtAsctuPresence of Asclepias tuberosa 1=Present, 0=Not present
15TrtAstazPresence of Aster azureus 1=Present, 0=Not present
16TrtAstcaPresence of Astragalus canadensis 1=Present, 0=Not present
17TrtBougrPresence of Bouteloua gracilis 1=Present, 0=Not present
18TrtBucdaPresence of Buchloe dactyloides 1=Present, 0=Not present
19TrtCorpaPresence of Coreopsis palmata 1=Present, 0=Not present
20TrtElycaPresence of Elymus canadensis 1=Present, 0=Not present
21TrtEupcoPresence of Euphorbia corollata 1=Present, 0=Not present
22TrtKoecrPresence of Koeleria cristata 1=Present, 0=Not present
23TrtLescaPresence of Lespedeza capitata 1=Present, 0=Not present
24TrtLiaasPresence of Liatris aspera 1=Present, 0=Not present
25TrtPanviPresence of Panicum virgatum 1=Present, 0=Not present
26TrtPetpuPresence of Petalostemum purpureum 1=Present, 0=Not present
27TrtPoaprPresence of Poa pratensis 1=Present, 0=Not present
28TrtRudsePresence of Rudbeckia serotina 1=Present, 0=Not present
29TrtSchscPresence of Schizachyrium scoparium 1=Present, 0=Not present
30TrtSolnePresence of Solidago nemoralis 1=Present, 0=Not present
31TrtSornuPresence of Sorghastrum nutans 1=Present, 0=Not present
32TrtSpocrPresence of Sporobolus cryptandrus 1=Present, 0=Not present
33TrtVicviPresence of Vicia villosa 1=Present, 0=Not present
36CodeArnett Code
37SpecIdSpecies identification


1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Araneida spiderlings misc 4
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Araneida Lycosidae Lycosids sm 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Araneida Thomisidae Misumenops rl 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Araneida Thomisidae Crab sm Misumen 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Coleoptera Anthicidae Notoxus 2 spp 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Coleoptera Anthribidae Anthribid 3
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Colaspis 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Collembola Collem OR/DK 8
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Collembola Collem glob 3
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Diptera Agromyzidae Cerodontha 1
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Diptera Cecidomyiidae Cecidomyiid 8
1231996071120111100010101001010100111101Diptera Ceratopogonidae Ceratopogonid OR 3

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The Small Biodiversity Experiment: Vac Sampling arthropod community

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