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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate - Experiment 249

Population level phenology

Years Available: 2009 - 2011

Principle Investigators

Whittington, Heather
Powers, Jennifer

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1ExperimentCedar Creek experiment number
2YearObservation year
3SpeciesSpecies of plant observed
4PlotPlot numbernumber
5TreatmentWarming treatment subplot0-Ambient=Ambient temperature, 1-Low=Low heat, 2-High=High heat
6NumSpeciesNumber of species plantednumber
7LengthFlwNumber of weeks that open flowers were observednumber
8FFDDay of year when first open flower on any individual was observednumber
9PeakFlwDay of year when highest proportion of individuals were observed floweringnumber
10CumGDDFFDCumulative growing degree days (base 10 degrees C) at day first flower observeddimensionless
11CumGDDFlwCumulative growing degree days (base 10 degrees C) at day of peak floweringdimensionless
12TotalBiomassTotal biomass of subplot (grams per square meter)gramsPerSquareMeter


2492009Lespedeza capitata290-Ambient14217231734.5891.5142.36
2492009Lespedeza capitata292-High14217231734.5891.5158.78
2492009Lespedeza capitata291-Low14217231734.5891.5457.21
2492009Andropogon gerardii780-Ambient323211217684.5734.5214.07
2492009Andropogon gerardii782-High322217220734.5766254.51
2492009Andropogon gerardii781-Low324211223684.5813.5230.73
2492009Dalea purpurea780-Ambient322204204617617214.07
2492009Dalea purpurea782-High324189204487.5617254.51
2492009Dalea purpurea781-Low323196211555684.5230.73
2492009Koeleria cristata780-Ambient323154167187.5255214.07
2492009Koeleria cristata782-High321154154187.5187.5254.51
2492009Koeleria cristata781-Low324154154187.5187.5230.73

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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate: Population level phenology

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