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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate - Experiment 249

Phenology of individuals

Years Available: 2009 - 2011

Principle Investigators

Whittington, Heather
Powers, Jennifer

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1 ExperimentCedar Creek experiment number
2 YearObservation year
3 SpeciesSpecies of plant observed
4 PlotPlot numbernumber
5 TreatmentWarming treatment subplot0-Ambient=Ambient temperature, 1-Low=Low heat, 2-High=High heat
6 NumSpeciesNumber of species originally planted in plotnumber
7 CumGDDBudCumulative growing degree days (base 10 degrees celsius) at the start of buddingdimensionless
8 CumGDDFlwCumulative growing degree days (base 10 degrees celsius) at the start of floweringdimensionless
9 FlwDurationNumber of weeks that flowers were observed on indvidual (weeks)number
10 FlwHtHeight of individual at the start of flowering (cm)centimeter
11 FlwDayDay of the year when first open flower observednumber
12 BudDayDay of the year when first bud observednumber
13 EndFlwDayDay of year when open flowers are no longer observednumber
14 SeedDayDay of year when seed/fruits are first observednumber


2492009Amorpha canescens1080-Ambient16211.5555136196162203
2492009Amorpha canescens1080-Ambient16412.5555150196181203
2492009Amorpha canescens1082-High16211.5487.5260189162203
2492009Amorpha canescens1082-High16255487.5251189167203
2492009Amorpha canescens1082-High16255487.5240189167203
2492009Amorpha canescens1081-Low16211.5487.5250189162203
2492009Amorpha canescens1081-Low16363.5555248196175210
2492009Amorpha canescens1081-Low16412.5617145204181211
2492009Amorpha canescens1372-High1363.5555143196175203
2492009Amorpha canescens1371-Low1255487.5353189167210
2492009Amorpha canescens1371-Low1255555241196167210
2492009Amorpha canescens1371-Low1555246196210

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BAC: Biodiversity and Climate: Phenology of individuals

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