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Biodiversity II: Effects of Plant Biodiversity on Population and Ecosystem Processes - Experiment 120

Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2011 Aphid and Enemy Surveys

Years Available: 2011

Principle Investigators

Kosmala, Margaret

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1SurveySurvey ID numbernumber
2PlotE120 Plot ID number
3Plant speciesPlant species
4PlantPlant ID letter (A-F)
5e120 plot DiversitySpecies richness of plotdimensionless
6North SouthWhether plant is on the north or south side of the plotN=north, S=south
7Mesh NoMeshWhether or not the plant was covered by a mesh cage for two weeks during the experimentMesh=yes covered by mesh, No Mesh=not covered by mesh
8InitialsInitials of survey conductor
9DateDate of survey (MMDDYYYY)
10TimeTime of survey
11Aphids, soybean aphidsNumber of soybean aphids counted on plantnumber
12Plant Reproductive StagePlant reproductive stage0=no flowers or pods, 1=at least one flower open anywhere, 2=many open flowers including at the top nodes of the plant with no pods yet, 3=at least one pod starting to form anywhere, 4=many pods including starting to form at the top nodes of the plant with no seeds yet, 5=seeds forming in pods with no leaves yellowing, 6= some leaves starting to yellow but all pods green, 7=one pod yellow anywhere, 8=most pods yellow
13Plant SizeNumber of fully formed trifoliates (group of 3 leaves)number
14Initial Plant SizePlant germination info100=emergence just coming up out of the ground, 200=cotyledons forming
15Other insects, unknownNumber of unidentified insects found on plantnumber
16Predatory Fly adultsNumber of predatory fly adults found on plantnumber
17AntsNumber of ants found on plantnumber
18Aphids, otherNumber of non-soybean aphids found on plantnumber
19Other insects, carnivoresNumber of insects identified only as carnivore found on plantnumber
20Other insects, herbivoresNumber of insects identified only as herbivore found on plantnumber
21Aphids, soybean wingedNumber of soybean aphids with wings (alates) found on plantnumber
22Predatory Fly larvaeNumber of predatory fly larvae found on plantnumber
23Predatory BugsNumber of predatory bugs found on plantnumber
24SpidersNumber of spiders found on plantnumber
25Lacewing eggsNumber of lacewing eggs found on plantnumber
26Lacewing larvaeNumber of lacewing larvae found on plantnumber
27Lacewing adultsNumber of lacewing adults found on plantnumber
28Lady Beetle adultsNumber of lady beetle adults found on plantnumber
29Black mummiesNumber of black parasitic wasp mummies found on plantnumber
30Tan mummiesNumber of tan parasitic wasp mummies found on plantnumber
31Lady Beetle larvaeNumber of lady beetle larvae found on plantnumber
32Ants, bigNumber of big ants found on plantnumber
33Ants, smallNumber of small ants found on plantnumber


SurveyPlotPlant speciesPlante120 plot DiversityNorth SouthMesh NoMeshInitialsDateTimeAphids, soybean aphidsPlant Reproductive StagePlant SizeInitial Plant SizeOther insects, unknownPredatory Fly adultsAntsAphids, otherOther insects, carnivoresOther insects, herbivoresAphids, soybean wingedPredatory Fly larvaePredatory BugsSpidersLacewing eggsLacewing larvaeLacewing adultsLady Beetle adultsBlack mummiesTan mummiesLady Beetle larvaeAnts, bigAnts, small
13Glycine maxA4NMeshCJ06/08/20117:48:0000200
13Glycine maxB4NMeshAM06/08/20117:48:0000200
13Glycine maxC4NMeshSW06/08/20117:48:0000200
13Glycine maxD4SNo MeshSW06/08/20117:48:0000200
13Glycine maxE4SNo MeshAM06/08/20117:48:0000200
13Glycine maxF4SNo MeshCJ06/08/20117:48:0000200
15Glycine maxA1NMeshCJ06/08/20117:48:0000200
15Glycine maxB1NMeshAM06/08/20117:48:0000200
15Glycine maxC1NMeshSW06/08/20117:48:0000200
15Glycine maxD1SNo MeshCJ06/08/20117:51:0000200
15Glycine maxE1SNo MeshAM06/08/20117:51:0000200
15Glycine maxF1SNo MeshSW06/08/20117:51:0000200

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Biodiversity II: Effects of Plant Biodiversity on Population and Ecosystem Processes : Local plant diversity and soybean biological control 2011 Aphid and Enemy Surveys

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