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Nutrient Network. A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem function. - Experiment 247

Aboveground Standing Crop Biomass

Years Available: 2007 - 2020

Principle Investigators

Seabloom, Eric
Harpole, Stan
Borer, Elizabeth

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1yearyear biomass observed
2site_nameExpanded Nutrient Network site name
3site_codeNutrient Network site Creek USA
4year_trtplot treatment progression status 0=pretreatment observation, 1=first observations after treatments, 2=2nd year after treatment, 3=3rd year after treatment, 4=4th year after treatment, 5=5th year after treatment, 6=6th year after treatment, 7=7th year after treatment
5trtapplied treatment combinationControl=no treatment, K=potassium, P=phosphate, N=nitrogen, PK=phosphate potassium, NK=nitrogen potassium, NP=nitrogen phosphate, NPK=nitrogen phosphate potassium, Fence=Fence, NPK Fence=nitrogen phosphate potassium fence
6blockblock numbernumber
7plotplot numbernumber
8subplotsubplot letter
9NNitrogen treatment1=Nitrogen applied as timed-release urea [NH2)2CO2], 0=no N applied
10PPhosphate treatment1=10 gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear as triple-super phosphate [Ca(H2PO4)2], 0=no P applied
11KPotassium AND initial micronutrient treatment1=10 gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear as potassium sulfate [K2SO4] AND one-time application in treatment year 1 of 100 gramsPerMeterSquared of a micronutrient mix of Fe (15%) S (14%) Mg (1.5%) Mn (2.5%) Cu (1%) Zn (1%) B (0.2%) and Mo (0.05%), 0=no K or micronutrients applied
12ExcloseFence enclosure treatment1=plot surrounded by 230-cm-tall fence with the lower 90 cm surrounded by 1-cm woven wire mesh (hardware cloth) with a 30-cm outward-facing flange, 0=no enclosure
13Nitrogen added to plotAmount of nitrogen from fertilizer added to the plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
14Aboveground biomassdried mass (g/m2)gramsPerSquareMeter
15categoryplant functional group
16liveplant biomass status1=live plant material, 0=litter standing dead or downed woody debris


yearsite_namesite_codeyear_trttrtblockplotsubplotNPKExcloseNitrogen fertilizer added to plotAboveground biomasscategorylive
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK+Fence11A11111036.1FORB1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK+Fence11A11111080.9GRAMINOID1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK+Fence11A111110123.85LITTER0
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NP12A11001016.8FORB1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NP12A110010187.250005GRAMINOID1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NP12A11001093.950005LITTER0
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK13D1110104.15FORB1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK13D11101044.25LITTER0
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0NPK13D111010160.599995GRAMINOID1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0K14B0010036.05LITTER0
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0K14B0010082.45GRAMINOID1
2007Cedar Creek LTERcdcr.us0K14B0010030.45FORB1

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Nutrient Network. A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem function.: Aboveground Standing Crop Biomass

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