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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality. - Experiment 246

Plant community light interception

Years Available: 2008 - 2009

Principle Investigators

Trost, Jared

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1YearYear measured
2Sampling IDA number to designate a sampling
3PlotPlot in which light was measured
4Subplotletter indicates which of the four designated points in the plot that each measurement was takenN=North, S=South, E=East, W=West
5Treatment vegetation typeIdentifies the land-use type C=corn, P=prairie, H= hay, B=bareground
6TreatmentIdentifies whether the plot has been treated with antibiotics and fertilizer or notT=treated, C=control
7AboveCanopyPARAbove canopy photosynthetically active radiation (direct output of Accupar instrument)dimensionless
8BelowCanopyParBelow canopy photosynthetically active radiation (direct output of Accupar instrument)dimensionless
9TauRatio of below canopy PAR to above canopy PAR (direct output of Accupar instrument)dimensionless
10LAI[1]Leaf Area Index, defined as the area of leaves per unit soil surface (direct output of Accupar instrument)dimensionless
11ZenithAngleAngle the sun makes with respect to the zenith, the point in the sky directly overhead, calculated by Accupardimensionless
12HoursMinutesSecondsexact time that measurement was taken (direct output of Accupar instrument)
13DayMonthYearDate of measurement (direct output of Accupar instrument)
14SerialNumberSerial number of the Accupar instrument used to take the measurement
15fbeamFraction of beam radiation: ratio of direct beam radiation coming from sun to radiation coming from all ambient sources like atmosphere or reflected from other surfaces. (Calculated by Accupar)dimensionless


YearSampling IDPlotSubplotTreatment vegetation typeTreatmentAboveCanopyPARBelowCanopyParTauLAI[1]ZenithAngleHoursMinutesSecondsDayMonthYearSerialNumberfbeam
200814EBT1511.81384.10.920.1628.710:54:46 AM6/20/200822440.91
200814NBT1484.41033.10.70.6429.410:49:09 AM6/20/200822440.91
200814SBT1051.71164.81.11-0.1738.19:58:10 AM6/20/200822450.97
200814WBT150714000.930.1240.79:45:07 AM6/20/200822450.97
200817EHC1497.5784.70.521.1627.611:01:37 AM6/20/200822440.91
200817NHC1542.7830.40.541.1127.811:00:19 AM6/20/200822440.91
200817SHC1011.21178.21.17-0.2636.910:04:11 AM6/20/200822450.97
200817WHC15911319.10.830.3237.110:03:36 AM6/20/200822450.97
2008125EHT1827.51069.40.590.7149.12:59:30 PM6/20/200822440.76
2008125NHT1785.31015.50.570.7548.92:58:27 PM6/20/200822440.76
2008125SHT1862.21414.90.760.4337.52:02:23 PM6/20/200822450.84
2008125WHT1856.11498.20.810.3437.42:01:45 PM6/20/200822450.84

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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality.: Plant community light interception

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