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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality. - Experiment 246

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 2007 - 2009

Principle Investigators

Trost, Jared

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1PlotPlot in which percent cover of species was measured
2Treatment vegetation typeIdentifies the land-use type C=corn, P=prairie, H= hay, B=bareground
3TreatmentIdentifies whether the plot has been treated with antibiotics and fertilizer or notT=treated, C=control
4PointFour location points were designated within each plot
5DateDate that percent cover was measured (YYYYMMDD)
6Initialsindividual who assessed the percent cover
7Taxon # From a computer program used in percent cover assessments in other Cedar Creek experiments, correlates to a particular species
8SpeciesPlant species
9PercentCoverthe relative percentage of the 1x1.5m sample area that a particular species occupieddimensionless
10Area_m2Area surveyedsquareMeter


PlotTreatment vegetation typeTreatmentPointDateInitialsTaxon #SpeciesPercentCoverArea_m2Notes
4BTA20070620SPL400Amorpha canescens20.5
4BTA20070620SPL102Andropogon gerardii80.5
4BTA20070620SPL0Bare ground200.5
4BTA20070620SPL139Bouteloua gracilis30.5
4BTA20070620SPL403Lespedeza capitata30.5
4BTA20070620SPL417Lupinus perennis260.5
4BTA20070620SPL99Miscellaneous litter20.5
4BTA20070620SPL652Petalostemum purpureum10.5
4BTA20070620SPL103Schizachyrium scoparium350.5
4BTB20070620SPL400Amorpha canescens10.5
4BTB20070620SPL0Bare ground530.5
4BTB20070620SPL139Bouteloua gracilis50.5

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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality.: Plant species percent cover data

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