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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality. - Experiment 246

Biofuels Harvest

Years Available: 2007 - 2009

Principle Investigators

Trost, Jared

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2Treatment vegetation typeIndicates plot vegetation typeP=prairie, H=hay, B=bareground, C=corn
3Treatment Treatments applied to plot C=control/nothing added, T=treated/contaminants and nitrogen fertilizer applied
4YearField season in which the harvest occurred (YYYY)
5SampleDate (YYYYMMDD)Date on which the plot was harvested
6HarvestTypeDifferentiates between a variety of harvest typesWhole Plot Harvest=Entire plot mowed with a sicklemower and biomass collected, StubbleHarvest=conducted after a whole plot harvest to determine amount of biomass left behind using hand clippers to harvest 2 strips in each plot, CornKernelEstimate=done differently in 2008 and 2009, Mow Rake=only done in 2007, sicklemower strip=only done in 2007
7BiomassTypeIndicates whether biomass was harvested from Aboveground or Belowground (roots)
8RepIf there were replicate samples or values taken (i.e. the two stubble strips) dimensionless
9SampleAreaLengthEW_mThe length of the area harvested, measured from East to West ends of the plotmeter
10SampleAreaWidthNS_mThe width of the area harvested measured from the North to South ends of the plotmeter
11SampleArea_m^2The area harvested squareMeter
12PercentMoisturemoisture of the sample determined by dividing the dry weight by the wet weightdimensionless
13DryMass (g)total mass of the sample after dried in drying roomgram
14Mass_g/m^2dry mass divided by the area harvestedgramsPerSquareMeter
15Mass_UStons/acremass converted to US tons/acre (Mass_g/m^2 x 0.000001102/0.000247)tonsPerAcre
16Mass_Mg/hamass in Megagrams per hectare (Mass_g/m^2 x 0.000001/0.0001)megagramsPerHectare
17Shelled Bushels/acre equivalentmass in the equivalent to shelled bushels/acre (Mass_g/m^2 x 0.002205)/56/0.000247)shelledBushelsPerAcre
18NotesComments about the data or collection procedures


PlotTreatment vegetation typeTreatment YearSampleDateHarvestTypeBiomassTypeRepSampleAreaLengthEW_mSampleAreaWidthNS_mSampleArea_m^2PercentMoistureDryMass (g)Mass_g/m^2Mass_UStons/acreMass_Mg/haShelled Bushels/acre equivalentNotes
4BT200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1371.572.80.30.711.6width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
7HC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1415.681.50.40.813.0width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
25HT200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1386. 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
37HT200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1305.960. 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
41HC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1370.672.70.30.711.6width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
72PC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.6NANANANAnot harvested
84BC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1406.879.80.40.812.7width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
88HC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1364.371.40.30.711.4width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
95PT200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.6NANANANAnot harvested
101PC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.6NANANANAnot harvested
119BC200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1654.4128.30.61.320.5width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape
131BT200720070912MowRakeAboveground18.50.65.1720.8141.30.61.422.5width= 1 garden rake, length was measured with tape

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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality.: Biofuels Harvest

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