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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality. - Experiment 246

Root Ingrowth Biomass

Years Available: 2008 - 2009

Principle Investigators

Trost, Jared

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1SamplingNumber given to identify a specific sampling
2PlotPlot from which root ingrowth core samples were taken
3PlantTrtIdentifies the land-use type C=corn, P=prairie, H= hay, B=bareground
4ContaminantTrtIdentifies whether the plot has been treated with antibiotics and fertilizer or notT=treated, C=control
5In/Between RowsFor the corn plots, this indicates whether the core was taken within a corn row or between two rows; one of each of these types was taken in each of the corn plots
6SampleDateDate on which the sample was taken (YYYYMMDD)
7SampleTimeTime at which the sample was taken (hhmm)
8SampleInitialsInitials of the individual(s) who took the sample
9DateWashedDate on which the sample was washed (YYYYMMDD)
10InitialsInitial of the individual(s) who washed the sample
11WeighDateDate that the sample was weighed (YYYYMMDD)
12WeighTimeTime at which the sample was weighed (hmm)
13WeighInitialsInitials of individual who weighed the sample
14Weight_gweight of the washed and dried samplegram
15gm^-2 (diameter of 1.5" core=.00114m)grams of roots per meters squaredgramsPerSquareMeter
16Mass_UStons/acreMass of roots in US tons per acretonsPerAcre
17Mass_Mg/haMass of roots in Megagrams/hectaremegagramsPerHectare


SamplingPlotPlantTrtContaminantTrtIn/Between RowsSampleDateSampleTimeSampleInitialsDateWashedInitialsWeighDateWeighTimeWeighInitialsWeight_ggm^-2 (diameter of 1.5" core=.00114m)Mass_UStons/acreMass_Mg/haNotes
14BT200810161100AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.04438.596491230.46.2Checked with field data, JK
17HC200810161105AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.152133.33333331.321.3
125HT200810161110AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.114100115.9
137HT200810161115AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.05850.877192980.58.1
141HC200810161120AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.174152.63157891.524.3
161CTIn row200810161250AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.181158.77192981.625.3
161CTBetween rows200810161250AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.266233.33333332.337.2
172PC200810161255AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.165144.73684211.423.1
177CTIn row200810161300AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.11197.36842105115.5
177CTBetween rows200810161300AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.09179.82456140.812.7
184BC200810161305AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.206180.70175441.828.8
188HC200810161335AC, RY20081022JK, AC20081028730JB0.124108.77192981.117.3

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Biodiversity: A field test of biofuel production and ground-water quality.: Root Ingrowth Biomass

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