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Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments - Experiment 133

Plant traits

Years Available: 2005

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Wedin, David
Hobbie, Sarah
Davis, Mark

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1SpeciesSpecies name
2Ave FLW w/o petiole (g)Average fresh leaf weight without petiolegram
3Ave FLW (g)Average fresh leaf weight with petiolegram
4Ave DLW w/o Petiole (g)Average dry leaf weight without petiolegram
5Ave DLW (g)Average dry leaf weightgram
6Ave LWFaverage leaf water fractiondimensionless
7Ave Leaf Length (mm)Ave Leaf Length (mm)millimeter
8Ave Leaf Width (mm)Ave Leaf Width (mm)gram
9Ave Petiol Length (mm)Ave Petiol Length (mm)gram
10Ave Area (mm^2)Average laminar leaf areasquareMillimeters
11Ave Perimeter (mm)Average leaf perimetermillimeter
12Ave SLA (cm^2/g)Average specific leaf areacentimetersSquaredPerGram


SpeciesAve FLW w/o petiole (g)Ave FLW (g)Ave DLW w/o Petiole (g)Ave DLW (g)Ave LWFAve Leaf Length (mm)Ave Leaf Width (mm)Ave Petiol Length (mm)Ave Area (mm^2)Ave Perimeter (mm)Ave SLA (cm^2/g)
Acer rubrum0.340.390.080.090.6581.6965.839.133058.62334.15317.18
Achillea millefolium0.670.780.140.150.77173.7532.3368.852017.59834.67158.11
Agropyron repens000.040.040000497.660134.27
Agrostis scabra000.020.020000150.53090.85
Ambrosia artemisiifolia0.
Ambrosia coronopifolia0.
Amorpha canescens0.
Amphicarpa bracteata0.
Andropogon gerardii0.370.370.070.070.69399.818.1301363.4817.37180.41
Anemone cylindrica0.310.410.110.140.6747.5755.0599.921636.54525.24159.9
Apocynum androsaemifolium0.
Apocynum sibiricum0.

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Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments: Plant traits

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