Mule deer, USFWSBadger, by Gary M. Stoltz,  USFWSGulls on Fish Lake, by Clarence LehmanBeaver, by Bob Hines, USFWSTimber wolf, by Gary Kramer, USFWSJackrabbit, by Bob Hines

By Lawrence R. Heaney and Elmer C. Birney

This is a provisional list of the mammals of the Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve. Species have been included on the basis of specimens in collections, live trapping records, field observations, and consideration of their total distribution. Each of the sixty-one species is listed as common (encountered frequently),
uncommon (one or more reliable records from area), or possible (based on records from surrounding areas and general distribution but unverified for the specific area under consideration).

Please use the list on the left to find information about mammal species and families located at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. Other resources are listed below:

Taxonomic List of Mammals at Cedar Creek


Animal Diversity Web at University of Michigan
Museum of Zoology

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