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Interns of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Welcome to Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. This webpage discusses different aspects of working and living at Cedar Creek and provides rules, regulations, and resources that you will find useful for your time at CCESR.

Before You Arrive

In order to verify your employment, you must fill out the form at the following link:

Employment Verification. Use Employer Code 13636

Our "Location" is the College of Biological Sciences.


You will be paid $11.00/hour, work approximately 40 hours/week, usually 8 hrs/day, Monday through Friday and perhaps some weekends, depending on the weather.  The first paycheck usually takes a few weeks to go through payroll, so be sure to bring 2 forms of ID right away (for your paperwork), and plan your finances accordingly.  On site-housing (double occupancy) is available for $210 per month.  All housing is furnished and contains all kitchen necessities (dishes, pots, pans, etc.). Please remember to bring your own bedding, bath towels, and kitchen towels. Meals are the responsibility of each intern; remember to come with a little money so you can buy groceries before you get paid. 

You may have mail sent to the Cedar Creek address in your name:

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
2660 Fawn Lake Drive
East Bethel, MN  55005
(612) 301-2600

You will be given a mailbox when you arrive.  There are also computers with internet capabilities.   You may use the lab phone to receive or make phone calls, but you must use a calling card or call collect for long distance calls. Calls to the Twin Cities metro area are not long distance.  Cell phones work pretty well in the campus area of Cedar Creek. You can bring a laptop if you wish, just know that you have to store it in your bedroom, because we are pretty cramped for space in the lab. There should be wireless internet service throughout the lab and housing.

For a map showing other housing locations (such as Burr Oak and Craine), click here.

How to Get Here

Cedar Creek is located about 45 miles north of the Twin Cities. For those of you who are driving, there is a map and directions HERE. Please give us a call if you have any questions. For those of you who are flying (or bussing) we can arrange a pick up at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport (or appropriate bus station). Cedar Creek is 45 miles from the airport so we would appreciate it if you could try to arrive either Sunday night or in the morning on Monday through Friday. It will be difficult to find someone to pick you up at any other time and there is no available bus service. Please let us know of your travel plans ahead of time so we will be prepared for your arrival.

Other opportunities

You will have the opportunity to conduct an independent research project where you can get paid for 2 hours/week to work on this project. You will typically have to spend quite a bit of extra, unpaid time working on these projects, but you have access to the researchers and resources at Cedar Creek. You will also attend the Annual All-Scientist Cedar Creek Research Symposium. During this symposium researchers that are working at Cedar Creek present their present research or research proposals. All interns attend weekly seminars, many of which are led by prestigious scientists doing research at Cedar Creek or doing ecological research somewhere else. These seminars have different topics every week and are incredibly informative.

Core Experiment Summary: Summarizes some of the research being done at Cedar Creek.

Some ideas for intern research projects are also available.


What to Bring


This is just a summary of items that might be useful to have over the summer.

Work: BUG REPELLENT, sunscreen, water bottle, raingear, shorts, tank tops and/or T-shirts (be sure they can tuck into your shorts), working pants, hat, and a long sleeved shirt, sandals, tennis shoes, work gloves, and hiking boots.  If you are extremely allergic to poison ivy, please bring appropriate defenses against it.  Light colored long sleeved shirts and long pants are helpful to keep ticks away when working in the old fields and savannas. After Work:  swimming suit, fishing gear, towel, a nice outfit for going out on the town and what ever else you think you will need.

The kitchens have pots, pans, dishware, and silverware but you might want to bring some tupperware for lunches or a lunchbox.  Also, there are no spices, condiments etc. to start up the kitchen.  It might save some money to bring some of those items instead of buying new ones.  Radios or musical instruments are also nice to have. Bedding is not provided so please bring your own.


We have two laundry areas here at Cedar Creek. One is located in the lower duplex and the other is located in the south lodge. We also have outside clotheslines for your convenience.


Whip-poor-will, Crane, Bur Oak, Chickadee...
Personnel residing at these locations can use waste containers provided to separate items.  When full, bring into the recycling hut and place in bins provided.  Ask a staff member for new plastic bags if needed.

Dragonfly, Blazing Star, Bluestem and Lodges...
Personnel residing at these locations have containers inside.Housekeeping will come in once a week to empty the garbage and the recycling. If the containers are full before then please empty them in the recycling hut. Housekeeping will also come in for general cleaning once every other week.

Beetle, Bumblebee, Butterfly...
Personnel staying in these areas are to place recycling goods into containers located in room off of kitchen.  Please pay attention to signs and put flat newspaper only “in” brown grocery bags.  Cardboard and other paper items are not saved at this time.  These containers will be emptied by staff personnel.

Food Storage

Dorm Occupants:
Please store all your food in the large containers provided.  They are located in the room adjacent to the dorm kitchen.  If you need more, please ask grounds staff.


Please report to the Cedar Creek office staff at least one day before you leave. Turn in any keys and obtain a sheet of computer address labels. Print them out if you wish to have your mail forwarded for one month. Remember, it is your responsibility to inform everyone of your change of address. The post office will not forward your mail.  Payment of any outstanding rent is due at this time or arrangement to pay must be made.


Cedar Creek and the surrounding communities have many entertaining activities.  On site we have a TV/lounge area and lots of grassy areas for kickball, Frisbee, and other games. .  Cedar Creek also has bicycles for your use. There are also several lakes and streams in the area offering swimming, fishing, canoeing, etc.  Ask for locations. We have three canoes available for your use.  Please stop in the office beforehand to sign out. There is also a book located in the lab of “things to do” in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Also, see bulletin boards near front office for more information. Bring your camping and hiking gear if you enjoy the outdoors because there are usually a few trips to the Boundary Waters, Superior Hiking Trail, or nearby state parks throughout the summer. 


There are bikes and helmets located in the brown barn for everyone working here at Cedar Creek.  Please return them to the barn in the evening so they can be secured.  If there is a mechanical problem with a bike, please let Jim know so it can be fixed. Please do not leave your bikes parked in front of the lab during the day.  For your safety, helmets must be worn at all times while riding.

Picnic Area

We have a picnic area on the east side of the lab for all to enjoy.  We also provide gas grills in the picnic area. We ask that you deposit your trash and litter in the proper receptacles. If you need any other equipment let Cedar Creek staff know.


Photos of and by CCESR interns.


Miscellaneous Information


The staff here at Cedar Creek is very safety orientated.  We would like to point out that protective clothing, goggles, earwear, etc., should be used when necessary.  There are First Aid Kits located in the front hallway of the lab and under the front seat of all U of M vehicles. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or there is a list and map of a local clinic and urgent care hospital posted on the hall bulletin board and other key locations in the residences.


Use of Cedar Creek Vehicles

To use Cedar Creek vehicles, you must follow these policies.


Smoking and Vaping

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on University property or in any University building or vehicle.


Non-Emergency Problems

If you have a problem after working hours, i.e. power goes out, plumbing broke etc., which cannot wait until morning, please call Jim Krueger. His phone number is located on the information board in the Lawrence Lab.