Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve

Insects of Cedar Creek



(Marsh Flies)

(Table of Species)

The Marsh Flies (140 NA spp) are quite large for Acalypterates, are generally pale bodied and have infuscated patterned wings and projecting antennae. Larvae are predators reported to feed on snails, snail eggs, and slugs. Perhaps 20 species have been collected. They are commonly encountered in marshy areas. Species of Sepedon (armipes, fuscipennis, spinipes...) are common in the fall, while species of Tetanocera (clara, plebeja, rotundicornis, unicolor, vicina) are common throughout the summer. Elgiva sundewalli (=Hedroneura rufa) is common in spring and fall. Species of Limnia are common in summer, while species of Dictya (BK spot on WT face) are common in late summer and early fall. Less commonly collected are species of Pherbellia (=Melina: nana, spadix, maculata). Infrequently collected are Poecilographa decora, Trypetoptera canadensis, and Euthycera arcuata?

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