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The Diptera is a large holometabolous Order with nearly 17000 described species representing 108 Families in North America.  Nearly 700 species of Diptera have been collected at Cedar Creek. However, this number could easily double with serious collecting and the aid of specialists. Most seriously underrepresented are the Nematocera (esp. Chironomidae, Tipulidae, Cecidomyiidae) and the Calypterata (esp. Anthomyiidae, Muscidae, Tachinidae).  A Phylogenetic Breakdown of this large Order with major Families in bold type precedes the Family List. All North American Families are listed.  Those that are underlined have Minnesota representatives and an accompanying Narrative.  Unless otherwise indicated, these families are also represented at CCESR.

McAlpine, Peterson, Shewell, Teskey, Vockeroth and Wood (1981, 1987).  A Manual of Nearctic Diptera. Vols 1 and 2.  Biosystematics Research Institute, Ottawa, Ontario

The Nematocera have many segmented antennae and are either midge-like or gnat-like in form.  Most Families are aquatic/semiaquatic scavengers in organic ooze; though females of a notable few take blood as adults.
The Brachycera are generally robust, attractive, eminently collectible flies with short 3-segmented antennaeand flesh-like pads between the tarsal claws.  Most are terrestrial and predaceous as larvae and adults.
The major Family in the Aschiza is the Syrphidae or Flower Flies.  Pipunculids (big-headed flies) and Phorids (coffin flies) also occur in this Division.
The Acalypterata consists of many Families of generally tiny flies that retain some character while lacking a calypter (lobe at the base of the wing).  Larvae are generally scavengers in organics, but some are phytophagous and a few are predaceous.
The Calypterata are your larger, but generally non-descript flies: Blowflies, Flesh Flies, House Flies, Tachinid Flies.  Foods are various ranging from carrion, dung, rot organics, live plants/fruit,  living arthropods and vertebrates.

SubOrder NEMATOCERA (Families 1-24)
        Tanyderidae, Tipulidae
        Bibionidae, Mycetophilidae, Sciaridae, Cecidomyiidae
        Psychodidae, Trichoceridae, Anisopodidae, Scatopsidae
        Dixidae, Chaoboridae, Culicidae, Simuliidae, Ceratopogonidae, Chironomidae

SubOrder BRACHYCERA (Families 25-43)
        Tabanidae, Rhagionidae
        Xylophagidae, Xylomyidae, Stratiomyidae
        Therevidae, Scenopinidae, Mydidae, Asilidae
        Acroceridae, Nemestrinidae, Bombyliidae
        Empididae, Dolichopodidae

InfraOrder MUSCOMORPHA ASCHIZA (Families 44-48)
        Platypezidae, Phoridae
        Syrphidae, Pipunculidae

Infraorder SCHIZOPHORA ACALYPTRATAE (Families 49-97)
        Tanypezidae, Psilidae, Diopsidae
        Lonchaeidae, Otitidae, Platystomatidae, Tephritidae, Piophilidae
        Agromyzidae, Anthomyzidae, Milichiidae
        Dryomyzidae, Sciomyzidae, Sepsidae
        Lauxaniidae, Chamaemyiidae
        Heleomyzidae, Sphaeroceridae
        Drosophilidae, Ephydridae, Chloropidae

Infraorder SCHIZOPHORA CALYPTRATE (Families 98-108)
        Scatophagidae, Anthomyiidae, Muscidae
        Calliphoridae, Oestridae, Sarcophagidae, Tachinidae
        Hippoboscidae, Nycteribiidae, Streblidae
1. Family TANYDERIDAE Primitive Crane Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
2. Family TIPULIDAE Crane Flies
3. Family BLEPHARICERIDAE Net-winged Midges (Not found in Minnesota?)
4. Family DEUTEROPHLEBIIDAE Mountain Midges (Not found in Minnesota)
5. Family NYMPHOMYIIDAE Nymphomyiid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
6. Family AXYMYIIDAE Axymyiid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
7. Family PACHYNEURIDAE Pachyneurid Gnats (Not found in Minnesota)
8. Family BIBIONIDAE March Flies
9. Family MYCETOPHILIDAE Fungus Gnats
10. Family SCIARIDAE Dark-winged Fungus Gnats
11. Family CECIDOMYIIDAE Gall Midges
12. Family PSYCHODIDAE Moth/Sand Flies
13. Family TRICHOCERIDAE Winter Crane Flies
14. Family ANISOPODIDAE Wood Gnats
15. Family SCATOPSIDAE Minute Black Scavenger Flies
16. Family SYNNEURIDAE Synneurid Gnats (Not found in Minnesota?)
17. Family PTYCHOPTERIDAE Phantom Crane Flies
18. Family DIXIDAE Dixid Midges
19. Family CHAOBORIDAE Phantom Midges
20. Family CULICIDAE Mosquitoes
21. Family THAUMALEIDAE Solitary Midges (Not found in Minnesota?)
22. Family SIMULIIDAE Black Flies
23. Family CERATOPOGONIDAE Biting Midges
24. Family CHIRONOMIDAE True Midges
25. Family PELECORHYNCHIDAE Pelecorhynchid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
26. Family TABANIDAE Horse and Deer Flies
27. Family ATHERICIDAE Athericid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
28. Family RHAGIONIDAE Snipe Flies
29. Family XYLOPHAGIDAE Xylophagid Flies
30. Family XYLOMYIDAE Xylomyid Flies
31. Family STRATIOMYIDAE Soidier Flies
32. Family THEREVIDAE Stiletto Flies
33. Family SCENOPINIDAE Window Flies
34. Family VERMILEONIDAE Vermileonid Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
35. Family MYDIDAE Mydas Flies
36. Family APIOCERIDAE Flower-loving Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
37. Family ASILIDAE Robber Flies
38. Family ACROCERIDAE Small-headed Flies (Not described at CCESR)
39. Family NEMESTRINIDAE Tangle-veined Flies (Not described at CCESR)
40. Family BOMBYLIIDAE Bee Flies
41. Family HILARIMORPHIDAE Hilarimorphid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
42. Family EMPIDIDAE Dance Flies
43. Family DOLICHOPODIDAE Long-legged Flies
44. Family LONCHOPTERIDAE Spear-winged Flies
45. Family PLATYPEZIDAE Flat-footed Flies
46. Family PHORIDAE Humpbacked Flies
47. Family SYRPHIDAE Hover Flies
48. Family PIPUNCULIDAE Big-headed Flies
49. Family CONOPIDAE Thick-headed Flies
50. Family CYPELOSOMATIDAE Cypelosomatid Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
51. Family MICROPEZIDAE Stilt-legged Flies
52. Family NERIIDAE Cactus Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
53. Family TANYPEZIDAE Tanypezid Flies
54. Family STRONGYLOPHTHALMYIIDAE Strongylophthalmyid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
55. Family PSILIDAE Rust Flies
56. Family DIOPSIDAE Stalk-eyed Flies
57. Family LONCHAEIDAE Lonchaeid Flies
58. Family OTITIDAE Picture-winged Flies
59. Family PLATYSTOMATIDAE Platystomatid Flies
60. Family PYRGOTIDAE Light Flies (Not described at CCESR)
61. Family TEPHRITIDAE Fruit Flies
62. Family RICHARDIIDAE Richardiid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
63. Family PALLOPTERIDAE Pallopterid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
64. Family PIOPHILIDAE Skipper Flies
65. Family CLUSIIDAE Clusiid Flies
66. Family ACARTOPHTHALMIDAE Acartophthalmid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
67. Family ODINIIDAE Odiniid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
68. Family AGROMYZIDAE Leaf Miner Flies
69. Family OPOMYZIDAE Opomyzid Flies
70. Family ANTHOMYZIDAE Anthomyzid Flies
71. Family AULACIGASTRIDAE Aulacigastrid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
72. Family PERISCELIDIDAE Periscelidid Fllies (Not found in Minnesota?)
73. Family ASTEIIDAE Asteiid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
74. Family MILICHIIDAE Milichiid Flies
75. Family CARNIDAE Carnid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
76. Family BRAULIDAE Bee Louse Flies (Not described at CCESR)
77. Family COELOPIDAE Seaweed Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
78. Family DRYOMYZIDAE Dryomyzid Flies
79. Family SCIOMYZIDAE Marsh Flies
80. Family ROPALOMERIDAE Ropalomerid Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
81. Family SEPSIDAE Sepsid Flies
82. Family LAUXANIIDAE Lauxaniid Flies
83. Family CHAMAEMYIIDAE Aphid Flies
84. Family HELEOMYZIDAE Heleomyzid Flies
85. Family TRIXOSCELIDIDAE Trixoscelidid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
86. Family CHYROMYIDAE Chyromyid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
87. Family RHINOTORIDAE Rhinotorid Fllies (Not found in Minnesota)
88. Family SPHAEROCERIDAE Small Dung Flies
89. Family CURTONOTIDAE Curtonotid Flies
90. Family DROSOPHILIDAE Pomace Flies
91. Family DIASTATIDAE Diastatid Flies
92. Family CAMILLIDAE Camillid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
93. Family EPHYDRIDAE Shore Flies
94. Family CHLOROPIDAE Grass Flies
95. Family CRYPTOCHETIDAE Cryptochetid Flies (Not found in Minnesota)
96. Family TETHINIDAE Tethinid Flies (Not described at CCESR)
97. Family CANACIDAE Beach Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
98. Family SCATOPHAGIDAE Dung Flies
99. Family ANTHOMYIIDAE Anthomyiid Flies
100. Family MUSCIDAE Muscid Flies
101. Family CALLIPHORIDAE Blow Flies
102. Family OESTRIDAE Bot and Warble Flies
103. Family SARCOPHAGIDAE Flesh Flies
104. Family RHINOPHORIDAE Rhinophorid Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
105. Family TACHINIDAE Tachinid Flies
106. Family HIPPOBOSCIDAE Louse Flies (Not described at CCESR)
107. Family NYCTERIBIIDAE Wingless Bat Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)
108. Family STREBLIDAE Bat Flies (Not found in Minnesota?)

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