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Family Tree

The Scorpion Flies (68 NA spp; 16 MN spp) is a small Order of holometabolous insects. Larvae live in the soil and adults occur in woodland. This Order contains five families, four occur in Minnesota, but only one, the Panorpidae, has been collected at Cedar Creek.  The Panorpidae are scavengers feeding primarily on dead insects, carrion, pollen.  The Bittacidae are predaceous on various arthropods.  The Boreidae apparently eat mosses?

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1. Family BITTACIDAE Hangingflies (Not described at CCESR)
2. Family BOREIDAE Snow Scorpionflies (Not described at CCESR)
3. Family MEROPEIDAE Forcepflies (Not described at CCESR)
4. Family PANORPIDAE Common Scorpionflies
5. Family PANORPODIDAE Short-faced Scorpionflies (Not found in Minnesota)

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