Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek




(Table of Species)

The larvae of many of the Prominents (136 NA spp) often have a grotesque appearance and many are better known than the corresponding adults. Most are woodland species that feed on tree foliage. Nearly 15 species have been collected at Cedar Creek. Colonies of the Sumac Datana, D. perspicua, are occasionally found on sumac. The larvae of this and other Datanas (D. contracta (oaks) and D. angusii (birch)) feed gregariously and rear their heads and tails when disturbed. Other Prominents collected that frequent woodlands include Clostera albosigma (aspen, willow), Nadata gibbosa (various trees), Peridea ferruginea (birch), Peridea angulosa (oaks), Odontosia elegans (aspen), Nerice bidentata (elm), Gluphisia septentrionis (aspen), Furcula borealis (cherry), Furcula cinerea (birch, aspen), Oligocentria lignicolor (oaks), Pheosia rimosa (aspen, willow), the Variable Oakleaf caterpillar, Lochmaeus manteo (oaks+), Symmerista canicosta (oaks), and the Pink Prominent, Hyparpax aurora (scrub oaks).

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