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(Geometer Moths)

(Table of Species)

The inchworms or anglewings is a large family (1404 NA spp) with six subfamilies in our area. Nearly 50 species have been collected at Cedar Creek, some undetermined material remains in the collection, and many species remain to be discovered. Several species are likely misidentified, and my apologies for the poor condition of a number of the imaged specimens.
Most Geometrids feed on the foliage of trees and shrubs in woodland. Larvae can generally be recognized by their 2-3 pair of prolegs and 'inchworm' movements.  Do not confuse with Noctuid loopers.

The only representative in this subfamily is the Infant, Archiearis infans (birch?). It is a small red and brown day-flier frequently seen in early spring.

The Fall Cankerworm, Alsophila pometaria, belongs to this subfamily. Larvae feed on many trees. The winged males and wingless females appear in late fall.

This subfamily includes most of the larger Anglewings whose larvae generally feed on tree foliage in woodlands. Species collected at Cedar Creek include: Eumacaria latiferrugata, Itame coortaria, Anacamptodes humaria?, Ectropis crepuscularia?, Biston betularia, Paleacrita vernata (Spring Cankerworm), Erannis tiliaria, Lomographa glomeraria, Lytrosis unitaria, Euchlaena serrata, Euchlaena amoenaria?, Xanthotype urticaria, Xanthotype sospeta, Nacophora quernaria, Campaea perlata, Ennomos magnaria, Metanema inatomaria,Metarranthis hypochraria?, Probole amicara, Probole nyssaria, Plagodis alcoolaria, Plagodis kuetzingi, Caripeta angustiorata, Caripeta piniata?, Besma endopiara, Besma quercivoraria, Lambdina fiscellaria, Nepytia canosaria, Sicya macularia, Eusarca confusaria, Tetracis crocallata, Prochoerodes transversata. See Species Table for host preference.

Most of these moths are small and green. Two species collected include Synchlora aerata (Asteraceae) and Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Rubus).

These are small white moths with gray markings. Species collected include Scopula inductata and Scopula limboundata (Asteraceae).

Species collected in this subfamily include: the Scallop Shell, Hydria prunivorata (a gregarious leaftier on cherry), Eulithis diversilineata (Vitis+), Xanthorhoe ferrugata? (ground ivy), Euphyia unangulata (chickweed+), Orthonama centrostrigaria? (Polygonum), Trichodezia albovittata (Impatiens), Cladara atroliturata (alder, birch), Dyspteris abortivaria (Vitis).

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