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My personal familiarity with the Lepidoptera (11293 NA spp) of Cedar Creek is rather limited.  Most of my collecting has been Old Field sweeps. Adult Lepidoptera do not take kindly to such treatment. Those that are unwary enough to be taken by a sweep net are generally in very poor condition upon sorting.  I took numerous caterpillars (mainly Noctuid cutworms) in Old Field sweeps but these await finer identification. Although I have done a satisfactory job collecting the Butterflies and Skippers found on CCESR, I have paid little attention to the Moths.

The situation was vastly improved when Sue Andreas Seabolt, an LTER intern in 1982, did light trapping for Macro Moths on the Lab grounds.  She did a marvelous job collecting, mounting, and identifying specimens.  Her work prompted me to do a limited amount of collecting and light trapping for both Macro and Micro Moths.  However, I find micros difficult to deal with--mounting on minuten pins, spreading wings, identifying, etc.  Consequently little attention has been given this Group.

Many Families of Microlepidoptera are leaf miners, and I have collected the mines of several, but did not attempt to rear out the adults. There is much undetermined material in the Lepidoptera collection at Cedar Creek, but many of these specimens are in poor condition and would defy the taxonomic abilities of all but the most experienced specialists.

I have not gone through the University of Minnesota Collection, but include in the Taxonomic Survey all Families likely to occur in Minnesota (as well as 'common' or 'marker' species for these families) whether or not they have been collected at CCESR.  Cedar Creek begs for the attention of some avid Lepidoptera collectors.

I take this opportunity to thank (in addition to Sue Seabolt) Robert Dana for checking the Butterflies and Skippers, Michael Sabourin for examining some of the Microlepidoptera, and Susan Weller for looking at some of the Macrolepidoptera.

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75 Families of Lepidoptera occur in North America.  Below a Phylogenetic Summary, with major Families in BOLD type.

SubOrder ZEUGLOPTERA (Family 1)
SubOrder DACNONYPHA (Families 2-3)
SubOrder EXOPORIA (Family 4)
SubOrder MONOTRYSIA (Families 5-9)
        Incurvariidae, Heliozelidae
SubOrder DITRYSIA--Division MICROLEPIDOPTERA (Families 10-39)
        Tineidae, Psychidae, Lyonetiidae,Gracillariidae
        Oecophoridae, Blastobasidae, Coleophoridae, Gelechiidae
        Copromorphidae, Epermeniidae, Glyphipterigidae
        Plutellidae, Yponomeutidae, Heliodinidae
SubOrder DITRYSIA--Division RHOPALOCERA (Families 40-49)
        Papilionidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, Apaturidae, Satyridae, Danaidae
SubOrder DITRYSIA--Division MICROLEPIDOPTERA cont (Families 50-57)
        Zygaenidae, Megalopygidae, Limacodidae
        Pyralidae, Thyrididae
SubOrder DITRYSIA--Division MACROLEPIDOPTERA (Families 59-75)
        Thyatiridae, Drepanidae
        Apatelodidae, Lasiocampidae, Saturniidae
        Notodontidae, Arctiidae, Lymantriidae, Noctuidae
1. Family MICROPTERIGIDAE Mandibulate Moths (2 NA spp)
2. Family ERIOCRANIIDAE Eriocraniid Moths (12 NA spp)
4. Family HEPIALIDAE Ghost Moths (20 NA spp)
5. Family NEPTICULIDAE Minute Leaf Miners (82 NA spp)
6. Family OPOSTEGIDAE Opostegid Moths (7 NA spp)
7. Family TISCHERIIDAE Tischeriid Moths (48 NA spp)
8. Family INCURVARIIDAE Fairy Moths (56 NA spp)
9. Family HELIOZELIDAE Shield Bearers (31 NA spp)
10. Family TINEIDAE Clothes Moths (174 NA spp)
11. Family PSYCHIDAE Bagworms (26 NA spp)
13. Family LYONETIIDAE Lyonetiid Moths (122 NA spp)
14. Family GRACILLARIIDAE Gracillariid Moths (275 NA spp)
15. Family OECOPHORIDAE Oecophorid Moths (225 NA spp)
16. Family ELACHISTIDAE Elachistid Moths (57 NA spp)
17. Family BLASTOBASIDAE Blastobasid Moths (121 NA spp)
18. Family COLEOPHORIDAE Casebearer Moths (169 NA spp)
19. Family MOMPHIDAE Momphid Moths (37 NA spp)
20. Family AGONOXENIDAE Agonoxenid Moths (6 NA spp)
21. Family COSMOPTERIGIDAE Cosmopterigid Moths (180 NA spp)
22. Family SCYTHRIDIDAE Scythridid Moths (35 NA spp)
23. Family GELECHIIDAE Gelechiid Moths (630 NA spp)
24. Family COPROMORPHIDAE (5 NA spp--Not in MN)
25. Family ALUCITIDAE Many-plume Moths (1 NA sp)
26. Family CARPOSINIDAE Carposinid Moths (11 NA spp)
27. Family EPERMENIIDAE Epermeniid Moths (11 NA spp)
28. Family GLYPHIPTERIGIDAE Sedge Moths (11 NA spp)
29. Family PLUTELLIDAE Diamondback Moths (54 NA spp)
30. Family YPONOMEUTIDAE Ermine Moths (32 NA spp)
31. Family ARGYRESTHIIDAE Needle Miner Moths (52 NA spp)
32. Family DOUGLASIIDAE Douglasiid Moths (5 NA spp)
33. Family ACROLEPIIDAE Acrolepiid Moths (3 NA spp)
34. Family HELIODINIDAE Heliodinid Moths (20 NA spp)
35. Family SESIIDAE Clear-winged Moths (115 NA spp)
36. Family CHOREUTIDAE Choreutid Moths (29 NA spp)
37. Family COSSIDAE Carpenter Moths (45 NA spp)
38. Family TORTRICIDAE Tortricid Moths (1054 NA spp)
39. Family COCHYLIDAE Cochylid Moths (110 NA spp)
40. Family HESPERIIDAE Skippers (290 NA spp)
41. Family PAPILIONIDAE Swallowtails (35 NA spp)
42. Family PIERIDAE Sulphurs/Whites (63 NA spp)
43. Family LYCAENIDAE Hairstreaks/Coppers/Blues (136 NA spp)
44. Family RIODINIDAE Metal-marks (25 NAsppNot at CCESR)
45. Family LIBYTHEIDAE Snout Butterflies (3 NAspp,Not  at CCESR)
46. Family NYMPHALIDAE Brush-footed Butterflies (138 NA spp)
47. Family APATURIDAE Apaturids (17 NA spp)
48. Family SATYRIDAE Wood Nymphs/Satyrs (50 NA spp)
49. Family DANAIDAE Milkweed Butterflies (4 NA spp)
50. Family ZYGAENIDAE Smoky Moths (22 NA spp)
51. Family MEGALOPYGIDAE Flannel Moths (11 NA spp)
52. Family LIMACODIDAE Slug Caterpillars (52 NA spp)
53. Family EPIPYROPIDAE Epipyropid Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN)
54. Family DALCERIDAE Dalcerid Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN)
55. Family PYRALIDAE Snout Moths (1374 NA spp)
56. Family THYRIDIDAE Window-winged Moths (12 NA spp)
57. Family HYBLAEIDAE Hyblaeid Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN)
58. Family PTEROPHORIDAE Plume Moths (146 NA spp)
59. Family THYATIRIDAE Thyatirid Moths (16 NA spp)
60. Family DREPANIDAE Hook-tip Moths (5 NA spp)
61. Family GEOMETRIDAE Geometer Moths (1404 NA spp)
62. Family EPIPLEMIDAE Epiplemid Moths (8 NA spp--Not in MN??))
63. Family SEMATURIDAE Sematurid Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN)
64. Family URANIIDAE Uraniid Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN)
65. Family MIMALLONIDAE Mimallonid Moths (4 NA spp)
66. Family APATELODIDAE Apatelodid Moths (5 NA spp)
67. Family BOMBYCIDAE Silkworm Moths (1 NA sp--Not in MN?))
68. Family LASIOCAMPIDAE Lappet Moths (35 NA spp)
69. Family SATURNIIDAE Giant Silkworm Moths (69 NA spp)
70. Family SPHINGIDAE Sphinx Moths (124 NA spp)
71. Family NOTODONTIDAE Prominents (136 NA spp)
72. Family DIOPTIDAE Oak Moths (2 NA spp--Not in MN)
73. Family ARCTIIDAE Tiger Moths (264 NA spp)
74. Family LYMANTRIIDAE Tussock Moths (32 NA spp)
75. Family NOCTUIDAE Noctuid Moths (2925 NA spp)

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