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Caddisflies (1262 NA spp) resemble small moths, but their wings are hairy instead of scaly. Larvae are aquatic, most living in portable cases constructed of vegetable or mineral material. They occur in both lotic and lentic waters, but streams and well-aerated waters are generally more diverse than stagnant water. 18 families are found in North America. Of these, 15 families representing 270 species have been collected in Minnesota. Only 25 species have been collected at Cedar Creek, but this number could possibly treble with serious collecting. All families occuring in Minnesota are underlined below and have an accompanying Narrative, whether or not any representatives have been collected at Cedar Creek. Genera/species collected at CCESR are in boldtype in the Narratives.
The major Families collected at Cedar Creek are lentic (pond, lake, marsh) representatives of the Hydropsychidae, Phyrganeidae, Limnephilidae, and Leptoceridae.  Also collected: Polycentropodidae and MolannidaeHydroptilidae expected to occur here.  The other Families occur primarily in rapid flowing streams, small springs, or large rivers; and these habitats are lacking at Cedar Creek.
I thank Ralph Holzenthal and Mack xxx for determining CCESR material.

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1. Family PHILOPOTAMIDAE Finger-net Caddisflies (42 NA spp)
2. Family PSYCHOMYIIDAE Tube-net Caddisflies (17 NA spp)
3. Family POLYCENTROPODIDAE Trumpet-net Caddisflies (68 NA spp)
4. Family HYDROPSYCHIDAE Net-spinning Caddisflies (130 NA spp)
5. Family RHYACOPHILIDAE Free-living Caddisflies (128 NA spp)
6. Family GLOSSOSOMATIDAE Saddle Casemakers (76 NA spp)
7. Family HYDROPTILIDAE Purse Casemakers (201 NA spp)
8. Family PHRYGANEIDAE Giant Casemakers (26 NA spp)
9. Family BRACHYCENTRIDAE Humpless Casemakers (34 NA spp)
10. Family LIMNEPHILIDAE Northern Casemakers (311 NA spp)
11. Family LEPIDOSTOMATIDAE Bizarre Caddisflies (74 NA spp)
12. Family BERAEIDAE Small Eastern Caddisflies (3 NA spp; Not found in MN)
13. Family SERICOSTOMATIDAE Bushtailed Caddisflies (12 NA spp)
14. Family ODONTOCERIDAE Mortarjoint Casemakers (16 NA spp; Not found in MN)
15. Family MOLANNIDAE Hood Casemakers (7 NA spp)
16. Family HELICOPSYCHIDAE Snail Casemakers (4 NA spp)
17. Family CALAMOCERATIDAE Comblipped Casemakers (5 NA spp; Not found in MN)
18. Family LEPTOCERIDAE Longhorned Casemakers (108 NA spp)

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