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Family Tree

The Hymenoptera, with 17,728 described North American species in 70 families, is one of the largest insect orders. However, this number is likely to increase substantially with more serious collecting and taxonomic work. For example, the Ichneumonidae contains 3322 described species with an additional 5000 species awaiting description. Major groups of the Hymenoptera include the phytophagous SYMPHYTA, a vast and diverse assemblage of PARASITOIDS (Chalcidoids, Ichneumonoids, Bethyloids, Proctotrupoids), CYNIPOIDS (gall formers), PROVISIONING WASPS (Pompilids, Vespids, Sphecids), ANTS (Formicidae), and BEES (Apoidea). Nearly 1000 species have been collected at Cedar Creek, but many of the Chalcidoids have been assigned only MORPHO names. I am not expert in this group and consequently the following summary is not to be considered exhaustive nor is the level of taxonomic correctness guaranteed. I thank John Luhman (MN Dept. of Ag, St. Paul) for identifying many of the Ichneumonids and invite other specialists to examine material held in the collection.  A Phylogenetic Breakdown of this Order is presented below with major Families in BOLD Type.

SubOrder  SYMPHYTA (Families 1-12)
        Pergidae, Argidae, Cimbicidae, Diprionidae, Tenthredinidae

SubOrder  APOCRITA--PARASITICA (Families 13-47)
        Braconidae, Aphidiidae, Ichneumonidae
        Torymidae, Pteromalidae, Eurytomidae, Chalcididae, Eupelmidae, Encyrtidae, Eulophidae, Mymaridae
        Eucoilidae, Cynipidae
        Evaniidae, Gasteruptiidae
        Serphidae, Diapriidae, Scelionidae, Platygastridae
        Ceraphronidae, Megaspilidae

Suborder  APOCRITA--ACULEATA (Families 48-70)
        Bethylidae, Chrysididae, Dryinidae
        Tiphiidae, Mutillidae, Scoliidae
        Vespidae, Pompilidae, Sphecidae
        Colletidae, Andrenidae, Halictidae, Megachilidae, Anthophoridae, Apidae
1. Family XYELIDAE Xyelid Sawflies
2. Family PAMPHILIIDAE Web-spinning Sawflies
3. Family PERGIDAE Pergid Sawflies
4. Family ARGIDAE Argid Sawflies
5. Family CIMBICIDAE Cimbicid Sawflies
6. Family DIPRIONIDAE Conifer Sawflies
7. Family TENTHREDINIDAE Common Sawflies
8. Family ANAXYELIDAE Cedar Wood Wasps (Not found in Minnesota)
9. Family SIRICIDAE Horntails
10. Family XIPHYDRIIDAE Wood Wasps
11. Family ORUSSIDAE Parasitic Wood Wasps (not described at CCESR)
12. Family CEPHIDAE Stem Sawflies
13. Family BRACONIDAE Braconids
14. Family APHIDIIDAE Aphidiids
15. Family HYBRIZONTIDAE Hybrizontids (Not described at CCESR)
16. Family ICHNEUMONIDAE Ichneumonids
17. Family STEPHANIDAE Stephanids (Not described at CCESR)
18. Family TORYMIDAE Torymid Wasps
19. Family PTEROMALIDAE Pteromalid Wasps
20. Family EURYTOMIDAE Eurytomid Wasps
21. Family CHALCIDIDAE Chalcidid Wasps
22. Family LEUCOSPIDIDAE Leucospid Wasps
23. Family EUCHARITIDAE Eucharitid Wasps
24. Family EUPELMIDAE Eupelmid Wasps
25. Family ENCYRTIDAE Encyrtid Wasps
26. Family EULOPHIDAE Eulophid Wasps
27. Family MYMARIDAE Mymarid Wasps
28. Family TRICHOGRAMMATIDAE Trichogrammatid Wasps
29. Family IBALIIDAE Horntail Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
30. Family LIOPTERIDAE Liopterid Wasps (Not found in Minnesota)
31. Family FIGITIDAE Lacewing Wasps
32. Family EUCOILIDAE Diptera Wasps
33. Family CHARIPIDAE Hyper Aphid Wasps
34. Family CYNIPIDAE Gall Wasps
35. Family EVANIIDAE Ensign Wasps
36. Family AULACIDAE Aulacid Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
37. Family GASTERUPTIIDAE Gasteruptiid Wasps
38. Family PELECINIDAE Pelecinid Wasps
39. Family SERPHIDAE Serphid Wasps
40. Family ROPRONIIDAE Roproniid Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
41. Family HELORIDAE Helorid Wasps
42. Family DIAPRIIDAE Diapriid Wasps
43. Family SCELIONIDAE Scelionid Wasps
44. Family PLATYGASTERIDAE Platygastrid Wasps
45. Family CERAPHRONIDAE Ceraphronid Wasps
46. Family MEGASPILIDAE Megaspilid Wasps
47. Family TRIGONALIDAE Trigonalid Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
48. Family BETHYLIDAE Bethylid Wasps
49. Family SCLEROGIBBIDAE Embioptera Wasps (Not found in Minnesota)
50. Family CHRYSIDIDAE Cuckoo Wasps
51. Family DRYINIDAE Pincer Wasps
52. Family EMBOLEMIDAE Fulgorid? Wasps (Not found in Minnesota?)
53. Family TIPHIIDAE Tiphiid Wasps
54. Family SIEROLOMORPHIDAE Sierolomorphids
55. Family MUTILLIDAE Velvet Ants
56. Family SCOLIIDAE Scoliid Wasps
57. Family SAPYGIDAE Sapygid Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
58. Family FORMICIDAE Ants
59. Family VESPIDAE Paper/Potter Wasps
60. Family POMPILIDAE Spider Wasps
61. Family RHOPALOSOMATIDAE Cricket Wasps (Not described at CCESR)
62. Family SPHECIDAE Digger Wasps
63. Family COLLETIDAE Plasterer Bees
64. Family OXAEIDAE Oxaeid Bees (Not found in Minnesota)
65. Family ANDRENIDAE Andrenid Bees
66. Family HALICTIDAE Sweat Bees
67. Family MELITTIDAE Melittid Bees (Not described at CCESR)
68. Family MEGACHILIDAE Leaf-cutting Bees
69. Family ANTHOPHORIDAE Cuckoo/Carpenter Bees
70. Family APIDAE Honey/Bumblebees

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