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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Sap Beetles)

(Table of Species)

More than 10 species of Sap Beetles (183 NA spp) have been collected at Cedar Creek. The most conspicuous are red-and-black species of Glischrochilus (3 spp--fasciatus, sanguinolentus, sp) found on tree sap and picnic melons. Carpophilus sp is a tiny brachypterous Nitidulid found in abundance on Prunus and Amelanchier blooms in the spring. Colopterus sp also collected.  Two uncommon species of fields are Boreades abdominalis and Brachypterolus pulicariusBrachypterus urticae is an uncommon species found on Nettle (Urtica sp).  Omosita colon, Phenolia grossa, and Stelidota geminata occur on fungi. A number of undetermined specimens in the collection.

Several genera occur in Minnesota that have not yet been collected at Cedar Creek.  They include:  Cateretes, Meligethes, Conotelus, Cychramus, Epuraea, Nitidula, Prometopia, Lobiopa, Amphicrossus, Pocadius, Cyllodes, Cryptarcha, Cybocephalus...

I thank Michele Price (U/WI Madison) for pointing out some errors in identification.  Not all have been corrected yet, and I've some images to add.

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