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Insects of Cedar Creek


(Lacewings, etc.)

The Neuroptera with 353 NA species is a relatively small Order of Holometabolous insects with net-veined wings. Three suborders are recognized in this order--the aquatic Megaloptera (dobsonflies, alderflies), the Raphidioidea (snakeflies), and the terrestrial Planipennia (lacewings, mantidflies, antlions). The snakeflies occur in the western U.S.; the other two suborders have been collected at Cedar Creek. The larvae of this Order have wicked sickle-shaped mandibles used to extract their victim's bodily fluids.

Megaloptera and Neuroptera of Florida by Lionel Stange

Parfin SI (1952). The Megaloptera and Neuroptera of Minnesota.  Amer. Midland Naturalist 47:421-434
1. Family SIALIDAE Alderflies-Sialis
2. Family CORYDALIDAE Dobsonflies-Corydalus+
3. Family RAPHIDIIDAE Snakeflies-Raphidia (Not found in Minnesota)
4. Family INOCELLIDAE Inocellid Snakeflies-Inocellia (Not found in Minnesota)
5. Family CONIOPTERYGIDAE Dusty Wings
6. Family ITHONIIDAE Ithoniid Lacewing-Oliarces (Not found in Minnesota)
7. Family MANTISPIDAE Mantidflies
8. Family HEMEROBIIDAE Brown Lacewings
9. Family CHRYSOPIDAE Green Lacewings
10. Family DILARIDAE Pleasing Lacewing-Nalachius (Not found in Minnesota)
11. Family BEROTHIDAE Beaded Lacewing-Lomamyia (Not found in Minnesota)
12. Family POLYSTOECHOTIDAE Giant Lacewing (Not described at CCESR)
13. Family SISYRIDAE Spongillaflies
14. Family MYRMELEONTIDAE Antlions
15. Family ASCALAPHIDAE Owlflies (Not found in Minnesota)

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