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Insects of Cedar Creek



Family Tree

Thrips (694 NA spp) are small (ca 2mm), slender elongate species that occur abundantly in the heads of flowers and other habitats.  Most are herbivorous--chewing/sucking on plant parts with their asymmetric beaks.  They are either wingless or have two pair of slender long-fringed wings.  Though having a nymphal stage, they undergo a sort of pupal resting stage before transforming into adults.  Perhaps 10 species have been collected at CCESR both by sweeping vegetation and D-vaccing.  They have been assigned Morpho Names but have not even been identified to family.  Much work remains to be done with this Group.
1. Family AEOLOTHRIPIDAE Predaceous Thrips (Not described at CCESR)
2. Family MEROTHRIPIDAE Jumping Thrips (Not described at CCESR)
3. Family HETEROTHRIPIDAE Tree Thrips (Not described at CCESR)
4. Family THRIPIDAE Common Thrips (Not described at CCESR)
5. Family PHLAEOTHRIPIDAE Tube Tailed Thrips (Not described at CCESR)

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