Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Delphacid Planthoppers)

(Table of Species)

Delphacid Planthoppers (145 NA spp) are the most commonly encountered Family of FULGOROIDEA.  They have a calcar (large movable triangular plate) at the tip of their hind tibiae.  Delphacodes campestris is common to abundant in a wide variety of fields. Both macropterous and brachypterous individuals occur.  This species feeds on Poa and possibly other C3 grasses. Delphacodes puella is a distinctive species that has been taken in a few fields. Several other species of Delphacodes have been collected but their taxonomy defies my abilities. Several of these species are more prominent in savanna regions. Stobaera tricarinata is relatively common in late summer. It occurs in a variety of fields. Less common are Liburniella ornata and Stenocranus dorsalis. They too are found in a variety of fields. Laccocera 2+spp, Kelisia axialis, Prokelisia sp, Pissonotus sp, Pentagramma? and Megamelus sp have also been collected.

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