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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Lace Bugs)

(Table of Species)

The Lace Bugs (157 NA spp) are primarily found on woody plants where they feed on leaf mesophyll, but a few occur on herbaceous vegetation. Roughly 15 species have been collected at CCESR.  The dominant genus is Corythucha. Most occur in woodlands and are quite host specific. C. arcuata is abundant on bur oak in savanna regions. C. contracta? is abundant on black and choke cherry in savanna and woodlands. Other common species include C. hewitti (on hazel), C. pallipes (on birch), C. cydoniae (on juneberry), and C. pergandei (on alder). Less common are C. juglandis? (on basswood) and C. mollicula (on willow). C. marmorata is fairly common on clones of Solidago gigantea in old fields.
Gargaphia tiliae occurs on basswood (Tilia) on Crones Knoll. The female shows parental care--guarding her nymphs as they move about the leaf in a small herd. Leptoypha mutica is a slender tingid that occurs on Black Ash. Melanorhopala clavata has been collected sparingly from Solidago? in prairie. Galeatus spinifrons has been collected from Aster azureus in prairie. A single individual of Physatocheila sp. also collected. Acalypta lilianus occurs on mosses and was D-vacced in small numbers from field C.

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