Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Scentless Plant Bugs)

(Table of Species)

The Scent-less Plant Bugs (36 NA spp) is another small family of predominantly weedy-xeric ground dwellers. They lack a metathoracic scent gland. Stictopleurus punctiventris and Arhyssus lateralis are fairly common in xeric-weedy fields. Harmostes reflexulus is an uncommon species of xeric-weedy fields. It is not seen every year. Stictopleurus knighti? is a pink-toned species found in swamps. Arhyssus hirtus (a brachypterous species) has only been collected from xeric/burned prairie.  Host plant is likely some Cistaceae (Hudsonia, Lechea, Helianthemum).  Liorhyssus hyalinus has been collected sparingly from a few fields. Leptocoris trivittata, the Box Elder Bug, is common in the fall when adults are seeking hibernation sites.

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