Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve

Insects of Cedar Creek



(Leaf-Footed Bugs)

(Table of Species)

The Squash Bugs (120 NA spp, 12 MN spp) comprise a small family of plant feeders. Merocoris distinctus is quite common on Solidago in prairie fields. Euthochtha galeator feeds on Pin Oak saplings and Oenothera and has been taken in small numbers from a variety of fields. Catorhintha mendica is a specialist on Slender Four-o'clock (Oxybaphis hirsuta) and is common in the burned savanna south of Fish Lake where its host is abundant. Leptoglossus occidentalis is a large leaf-footed bug that feeds in red pine cones.  It is most commonly observed in the fall when adults are searching for hibernation sites. Nisoscolopocerus apiculatus  is a brachypterous ground-dwelling Coreid that has been collected from a few xeric fields and savannas. I had mistakenly thought it an Aradid until John Lattin recognized it.  Anasa armigera (Squash Bug) and Coriomeris humilis have also been collected.

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