Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek


(True Bugs)

Family Tree

The order Hemiptera (3583 NA spp, 500+ MN spp) is abundantly represented at Cedar Creek. Thirty families representing nearly 300 species have been collected. All have piercing-sucking mouthparts. Two Suborders are recognized:  the terrestrial Dipsocoromorpha (Families 1-25) and the aquatic/semi-aquatic Nepomorpha (Families 26-40).  Most terrestrial species feed upon plant tissue, many upon seeds and fruit. A few groups are predaceous and a number occur on or below ground where they are unlikely to be taken by sweeping vegetation. The aquatic and semi-aquatic Hemiptera are all predaceous with the exception of the algal feeding Corixidae. A most useful reference is How to Know the True Bugs (1978) by Slater and Baranowski.
1. Family CYDNIDAE Burrowing Bugs
2. Family THYREOCORIDAE Negro Bugs
3. Family PENTATOMIDAE Stink Bugs
4. Family COREIDAE Leaf-footed Bugs
5. Family ALYDIDAE Broadheaded Bugs
6. Family RHOPALIDAE Scentless Plant Bugs
7. Family LYGAEIDAE Seed Bugs
8. Family PYRRHOCORIDAE Red Bugs-Southern (Not found in Minnesota)
9. Family LARGIDAE Largid Bugs-Southern (Not found in Minnesota)
10. Family PIESMATIDAE Ash gray leaf Bugs
11. Family THAUMASTOCORIDAE Royal Palm Bug-Fla (Not found in Minnesota)
12. Family BERYTIDAE Stilt Bugs
13. Family ARADIDAE Flat Bugs
14. Family TINGIDAE Lace Bugs
15. Family ENICOCEPHALIDAE Gnat Bugs (Not found in Minnesota)
16. Family PHYMATIDAE Ambush Bugs
17. Family REDUVIIDAE Assassin Bugs
18. Family NABIDAE Damsel Bugs
19. Family POLYCTENIDAE Bat Bugs (Not found in Minnesota)
20. Family CIMICIDAE Bed Bugs (Not described at CCESR)
21. Family ANTHOCORIDAE Pirate Bugs
22. Family MICROPHYSIDAE Microphysid Bugs (Not found in Minnesota)
23. Family MIRIDAE Plant Bugs
24. Family DIPSOCORIDAE Ground Bugs (Not described at CCESR)
25. Family SCHIZOPTERIDAE Jumping Ground Bugs (Not described at CCESR)
26. Family HYDROMETRIDAE Water Measurers
27. Family GERRIDAE Water Striders
28. Family VELIIDAE Riffle Bugs
29. Family MESOVELIIDAE Water Treaders
30. Family HEBRIDAE Velvet Water Bugs
31. Family LEPTOPODIDAE Spiny Shore Bug-Calif (Not found in Minnesota)
32. Family SALDIDAE Shore Bugs
33. Family NOTONECTIDAE Backswimmers
34. Family PLEIDAE Pigmy Backswimmers
35. Family CORIXIDAE Water Boatmen
36. Family NEPIDAE Water Scorpions
37. Family BELOSTOMATIDAE Giant Water Bugs
38. Family NAUCORIDAE Creeping Water Bugs
39. Family GELASTOCORIDAE Toad Bugs (Not found in Minnesota)
40. Family OCHTERIDAE Velvety Shore Bugs

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