Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve

Insects of Cedar Creek


(Chewing Lice)

Chewing Lice (943 NA spp) are ectoparasites on birds and mammals.  Of the eight NA families in this order, five may possibly occur in Minnesota.  None have been collected at CCESR, but they certainly are present here.  Below is a list of North American families with families occuring in Minnesota in Bold Type.
1. Family PHILOPTERIDAE Bird Lice (Not described at CCESR)
2. Family TRICHODECTIDAE Mammal Chewing Lice (Not described at CCESR)
3. Family BOOPIDAE Marsupial Chewing Lice (Not found in Minnesota)
4. Family GYROPIDAE Guinea Pig Lice (Not found in Minnesota)
5. Family LAEMOBOTHRIIDAE Hawk Lice (Not described at CCESR)
6. Family MENOPONIDAE Poultry Lice (Not described at CCESR)
7. Family RICINIDAE Hummingbird Lice (Not described at CCESR)
8. Family TRIMENOPONIDAE Marsupial Lice (Not found in Minnesota)

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