Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve

Insects of Cedar Creek


(Cockroaches, etc.)

Family Tree

The Dictyoptera (75? NA spp) includes the Mantids (20 NA spp) and Cockroaches (49 NA spp).  No Mantids occur in Minnesota.  Most cockroaches are tropical.  Some are routinely introduced on produce or escape from labs where they are experimental animals.  A few introduced species have become established in habitations.
1. Family MANTIDAE Mantids (Not found in Minnesota)
2. Family CRYPTOCERCIDAE Brown-hooded Cockroach (Not found in Minnesota)
3. Family BLATTIDAE Oriental & American Roaches
4. Family POLYPHAGIDAE Desert Cockroaches (Not found in Minnesota)
5. Family BLATELLIDAE German & Wood Roaches
6. Family BLABERIDAE Ovoviviparous Cockroaches (Not found in Minnesota)

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