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Insects of Cedar Creek


(Grasshoppers, etc.)

Family Tree

The Orthoptera (1082 NA spp) are abundantly and diversely represented at Cedar Creek. Most conspicuous are the Short-horned Grasshoppers (Acrididae). The Slant-faced Grasshoppers (Acridinae) are grass feeders. The Banded-wing Grasshoppers (Oedipodinae) are mixed feeders primarily in xeric fields. The most abundant group are the Spur-throats (Melanoplinae and Cyrtacanthacridinae) which are primarily forb feeders. The Tettigoniidae (Long-horned Meadow Grasshoppers) are also quite abundant and signal the arrival of fall with their various calls. The Gryllidae (Ground Crickets, Bush Crickets), are also common. Families of lesser abundance include the Tetrigidae (Pygmy Grasshoppers), the Gryllotalpidae and Tridactylidae (Mole Crickets), and the Gryllacrididae (Camel Crickets).

Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers by Robert E Pfadt
Singing insects of North America by TJ Walker and TE Moore

Several useful references are available and include How to Know the Grasshoppers, Crickets, Cockroaches and Allies (1972) by Jaques, The North American Grasshoppers (1982,1984) by D. Otte, The Orthoptera of Canada (1985) by Vickery and McKevan and The Orthoptera of Minnesota (1932--U/MN Ag Expt Sta Tech Bull #85) by Hebard.
1. Family TETRIGIDAE Pygmy Grasshoppers
2. Family EUMASTICIDAE Monkey Grasshoppers (Not found in Minnesota)
3. Family TANAOCERIDAE Desert Grasshoppers (Not found in Minnesota)
4. Family ROMALEIDAE Lubber Grasshoppers (Not described at CCESR)
5. Family ACRIDIDAE Shorthorned Grasshoppers
6. Family TRIDACTYLIDAE Pygmy Mole Crickets
7. Family TETTIGONIIDAE Longhorned Grasshoppers
8. Family PROPHALANGOPSIDAE Humpwing Crickets (Not found in Minnesota)
9. Family GRYLLACRIDIDAE Camel Crickets
10. Family GRYLLIDAE Crickets
11. Family GRYLLOTALPIDAE Mole Crickets

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