Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve

Insects of Cedar Creek



(Spread-winged Damsels)

(Table of Species)

     Stalk-winged Damselflies (18 NA spp) are metallic bodied and occur at ponds and marshes.  Nine species all in the genus Lestes are reported for Minnesota.  Seven species have been collected at CCESR.  All are inhabitants of permanent ponds or marshes. The most abundant species of Lestes are L. unguiculatus and L. disjunctus. These emerge from most permanent marshy waters on the Area.  The extremely elongate L. rectangularis occurs along Cedar Creek. L. eurinus is a large damselfly that formerly occurred in Beckman Lake, but it hasn't been noted in several years.  The metallic-green L. dryas is considerably less common as is the small dark-brown autumnal L. congener. L. forcipatus female possibly collected?

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