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This Survey is arranged hierarchically.  A click on the Order will bring you to a Narrative of that order.  All orders found in North America north of Mexico are included.  At the end of each order narrative is a list of families.  A click on those Families that are underlined will bring you to a Family Narrative.  Each family found in Minnesota has a family narrative.  If representatives of a particular family are found at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, a click on Table of Species will bring you to an alphabetical tabular listing of species collected at CCESR.  If a species (genus) is underlined in narrative or table, a click on it will bring you to a photograph in the Photo Album.  Forward and Backward Arrows, brings you through Order Narratives, Family Narratives, or Species Tables.  Up Arrow brings you to upper level of Hierarchy.  Home Arrow brings you to Insect Home.
ATTENTION:  This survey is not without errors.  Please bring misidentifications, nomenclatural gaffaws, and errors in fact to the attention of webmaster@cedarcreek.

Arnett, Ross H.Jr. (1993) American Insects: a handbook of the insects of America north of Mexico. (850 pp). Sandhill Crane Press, Gainesville, Florida.
Nomina Insecta Nearctica:  valid names of NA insects
1. Order COLLEMBOLA Springtails
2. Order PROTURA Proturans
3. Order ENTOTROPHI Diplurans
4. Order MICROCORYPHIA Bristletails
5. Order THYSANURA Silverfish
6. Order EPHEMEROPTERA Mayflies
7. Order ODONATA Dragonflies/Damselflies
8. Order PLECOPTERA Stoneflies
9. Order EMBIOPTERA Web Spinners
10. Order PHASMATODEA Walking Sticks
11. Order ORTHOPTERA Grasshoppers, etc.
12. Order GRYLLOBLATTODEA Rock Crawlers
13. Order DERMAPTERA Earwigs
14. Order DICTYOPTERA Cockroaches, etc.
15. Order ISOPTERA Termites
16. Order ZORAPTERA Zorapterans
17. Order PSOCOPTERA Bark Lice
18. Order MALLOPHAGA Chewing Lice
19. Order ANOPLURA Sucking Lice
20. Order HEMIPTERA True Bugs
21. Order HOMOPTERA Leafhoppers, Aphids, etc.
22. Order THYSANOPTERA Thrips
23. Order NEUROPTERA Lacewings, etc.
24. Order COLEOPTERA Beetles
25. Order HYMENOPTERA Ants, Bees, Wasps, etc.
26. Order TRICHOPTERA Caddisflies
27. Order LEPIDOPTERA Butterflies, Moths
28. Order MECOPTERA Scorpionflies
29. Order DIPTERA Flies
30. Order SIPHONAPTERA Fleas

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