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Plants and Animals of Cedar Creek

These catalogs are the result of contributions by decades of researchers past and present who collected specimens and data from Cedar Creek habitats. Author background notes on collections can be found in each catalog.


We are in the process of overhauling these lists to maintain long-term data records in a way that is accessible, accurate and easy for our staff to update. You can still access the historical lists for birds, mammals and plants by clicking on the hyperlinks. Please note that these archived lists are no longer maintained and may not represent current taxonomy, species or annotations.


We are grateful to the staff and scientists who originally compiled these lists: Dr. John A. Haarstad (insects and plants), Barbara C. Delaney (plants), Dr. James L. Howitz (birds), David Bosanko (birds and mammals), Dr. Lawrence R. Heaney (mammals), Dr. Elmer C. Birney (mammals) and Dr. Peter Kennedy (fungi).