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Minnesota Ecology Walk



The convergence of environments makes Cedar Creek a unique space for ecological experimentation and the ideal place to experience Minnesota’s major biomes. The research station is known around the world for its long-term ecological experiments and the many groundbreaking discoveries made here that continue to shape our understanding of how nature works. 
The Minnesota Ecology Walk will provide visitors with a snapshot of the environments and experiments that make Cedar Creek unique. Visitors will have an accessible way to explore diverse grasslands, coniferous forest, deciduous forest and oak savanna. They can also learn about local wildlife, trees and wildfl owers, as well as about ongoing research at Cedar Creek along the way.
The Minnesota Ecology Walk will make it possible to welcome thousands more students and visitors to Cedar Creek each year and expand access to otherwise challenging to reach environments with a wheelchair-accessible path.


The Minnesota Ecology Walk is for anyone who wants to learn more about nature! Expanding access to Cedar Creek is a top priority and what better way than by creating a path just outside the Lindeman Research and Discovery Center. The Minnesota Ecology Walk will provide an opportunity for visitors of all ages to experience the diverse ecosystems of Minnesota and learn more about research relating to the plants, animals and soils of Cedar Creek.


Cedar Creek’s facilities are at capacity with visitors fi lling the space year-round. The station’s education and community engagement programs have gone from serving around 1,100 people in 2007 to 6,500 last year including 3,500 K-12 students and teachers. Field trips often fi ll up six months in advance. Access to the station is limited. Cedar Creek has only one public space — a park and trail co-managed with the City of East Bethel — which constrains the research station’s ability to extend access to more people. Building the Minnesota Ecology Walk means that many more visitors of all ages can learn about the environments and experiments that make Cedar Creek so unique.

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