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Old Fields

Field E, a recently abandoned (1975) weedy old field. Note abundance of Berteroa, Rumex, and Agrostis.
Field C (abandoned 1935) with luxuriant growth of native prairie grasses and forbs
Burn Unit RSE (Field 84a) abandoned in 1945
Field LBS with patches of Reindeer Moss
RSE periodically burned and having a Salix gracilis wetland
Corneia’s (Field 42; abandoned 1951) continues to be dominated by Poa-Agropyron
PMS (Field 71; abandoned 1957). Now dominated by the xeric grasses Aristida/Koeleria
GrandView (Field 5) abandoned in 1951 and slowly being invaded by Little Bluestem
LEM (Field 62, abandoned 1957) with luxuriant growth of Vicia villosa
Birch Prairie (Field 525, abandoned 1951) and now included in a Burn Unit. Bye bye birches.
CNW (Field 35; abandoned 1943) now dominated by Schizachyrium and slowly being invaded by woodies
MEM (Field 82; abandoned 1945) in a Burn Compartment and new respectable Sand Prairier
Closeup of MEM flowers: Prairie Phlox, Indian Paintbrush.