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Citation. Gandi, K.J.K; Gilmore, D.W., Ball, G.E., Holzenthal, R.W.; Katovich, S.A.; Koehle, J.J.; Larsen, K.J.; Mattson, W.J.; Seybold, S.J. 2005. A review of ground beetle species (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of Minneosta, United States: new records and range extensions. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 107:917.

Abstract. We report new Minnesota records for 13 genera and 100 species of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae), reflecting 21% and 31% increases, respectively, over records in the literature. There are now 76 genera and 433 carabid species recorded from Minnesota. New material was collected from
sub-boreal forest study sites in northeastern and central Minnesota. We also surveyed 16 museum collections and private collections in the United States with an emphasis on collections in the north central region and those likely to contain Minnesota records. New generic records for Minnesota from the museum collections include Paratachys Casey, Nomius Laporte, Platypatrobus Darlington, Gastrellarius Casey, Lophoglossus LeConte, Pseudamara Lindroth, Panagaeus Latreille, Dicheirotrichus Jacquelin du Val, Discoderus LeConte, Leptotrachelus Latreille, Tetragonoderus Dejean, Apenes LeConte, and Axinopalpus LeConte. New species records from the field surveys in northeastern and central Minnesota include Notiophilus aquaticus (Linnaeus), Sphaeroderus nitidicollis brevoorti LeConte, Trechus crassiscapus Lindroth, Bembidion mutatum Gemminger & Harold, Bembidion wingatei Bland, Patrobus foveocollis (Eschscholtz), Patrobus septentrionis Dejean, Pterostichus melanarius (Illiger), Amara coelebs Hayward, Pseudamara arenaria (LeConte), Bradycellus semipubescens Lindroth, Harpalus ventralis LeConte, Agonum affine Kirby, and Agonum trigeminum Lindroth. In addition, we highlight the special role of P. melanarius as an invasive beetle. Since many of the new records were based on specimens stored in research entomological collections, we recognize the significance of institutional holdings as a source of information for studies of native biodiversity.

Keywords: biodiversity, Carabidae, ground beetles, Minnesota, museum collections, species distributions, sub-boreal forest, invasive species, Pterostichus melanarius, threatened species, local extinctions, Calosoma scrutator

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