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Citation. Reich, P.B.; Tjoelker, M.G.; Machado, J.L.; Oleksyn, J. 2007. Biological Scaling: Does the Exception Prove the Rule?. Nature 445:E9-E11. 

Abstract. Enquist et al.1 raise several points that they claim cast doubt on our findings and interpretation2 regarding whole-plant relations of respiration, R, with plant mass, M, and total plant nitrogen content, N. We agree with Enquist et al. that R does not scale isometrically with M across all plants. However, their assertion that we claim that isometric scaling (R M , with = 1) is universal in plants of all sizes is incorrect — in fact, we conclude the opposite2, noting that there is isometric scaling within individual experiments, non-isometric scaling of respiration versus mass across all data pooled, and no common relation across all data2.

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