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Citation. Inouye, R. S. 1998. Species-area curves and estimates of total species richness in an old-field chronosequence. Plant Ecology 137: 31-40.   [1729  LTER]

Abstract. Average species-area curves were generated for vascular plants in old-fields that were sampled in 1983, 1989, and 1994. These curves were fit with a saturating function to estimate total species richness for each old-field. Additional estimates of total species richness were generated by fitting the same saturating function to subsets of the species area curves and with a first-order jackknife procedure. Estimates of total species richness were strongly correlated with observed species richness. There was limited evidence suggesting that greater sampling was necessary to indentify the same proportion of species in older, more species-rich old fields.

Keywords. Cedar Creek, Diversity, Succession

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