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Citation. Tester, J. R. 1967. Status and value of biotelemetry in studies of vertebrate ecology. International Cong. Game Biology 7:195-199.   [1544  CC]

Abstract. The use of biotelemetry, a technique for obtaining information from a living organism and its environment and transmitting it to a remote observer, has far-reaching implications to ecology and to the entire field of biology. A wide range of subjects varying from movements, home range size, feeding habits, activity periods, predator-prey interaction, social interaction, behavior and physiology are being investigated with this technique. This paper reports briefly on the early history of the use of biotelemetry in ecological and wildlife investigations, on the development of an automatic system for studying animal behavior and movements, and on the values of biotelemetry data in ecology and wildlife biology.

Keywords. biotelemetry history, biotelemetry applications

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