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Citation. Reiners, W. A.; Anderson, R. O. 1968. C0-2 concentrations in forests along a topographic gradient. The American Midland Naturalist 80(1):111-117.   [1481  CC]

Abstract. C02 concentrations and air temperatures were measured at seven levels at 2-hr intervals for 24 hrs at stations along a slope leading from an upland oak forest into a cedar swamp. Skies were clear and the winds light over the period. Although there was evidence for cold air drainage downslope and concentration of C02 in low sites during the early evening hours, temperatures tended to become isothermal at all stations along the gradient later in the night while C02 concentrations were higher near the ground on the slope but vertically uniform in the swamp. There was little evidence that C02 concentrations were significantly higher through most of the night in the swamp than on the upland.

Keywords. C02 concentrations, topographic gradient

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