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Citation. Paulsell, L. K.; Lawrence, D. B. 1963. Artificial frost apparatus. Ecology 44(1):146-148.   [1463  CC]

Abstract. This paper reports two attempts to simulate natural frost in a temporary insulated enclosure out-of-doors, one using, around the plant, a refrigerating coil through which was passed carbon dioxide gas newly vaporized from its original liquid state in a pressure cylinder, the other using solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) on a steel disc above the plant. The frosting was done at the University of Minnesota Cedar Creek Natural History Area in northern Anoka County, Minnesota, on May 25, 1960, and on May 29, 1962. An artificial frost apparatus had been devised earlier by Studhalter (1942) for injuring cambium tissue of individual tree branches; the effects have been reported by Glock (1951) and Glock and Agerter (1963).

Keywords. artificial frost

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