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Citation. Ovington, J. D.; Lawrence, D. B. 1967. Comparative chlorophyll and energy studies of prairie, savanna, oakwood, and maize field ecosystems. Ecology 48(4):515-524.   [1459  CC]

Abstract. Estimates are given of the concentrations and total quantities of chlorophyll (a + b) and energy in the plant material present in prairie, savanna, oakwood, and maize field ecosystems at different times through 1959. Marked differences in chlorophyll and energy contents were recorded both between ecosystems and seasonally at each ecosystem. While large amounts of energy are held from year to year in natural ecosystems, the annual production of plant material only accounts for a small part of the annual incident solar radiation. The results are discussed in relation to the factors affecting the potential capabilities of vegetation for energy accumulation.

Keywords. chlorophyll concentrations, prairie, savanna, oakwood, maize field

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