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Citation. McKinney, F.; Brewer, G. 1989. Parental attendance and brood care in four Argentine dabbling ducks. The Condor 91:131-138.   [1417  CC]

Abstract. The presence of males with broods of Silver Teal (Anas versicolor), Speckled Teal (,4. flavirostris). Red Shoveler (A. platalea), and Brown Pintail (A. georgica) was recorded, and the behavior of brood-tending males and females was observed, during parts of three breeding seasons, November-December, 1985-1987,on various wetlands in Buenos Aires Province and in the vicinity of Bariloche. Rio Negro Province, Argentina. Biparental care was well developed in Silver Teal. Some Speckled Teal broods were escorted by both parents. but others were cared for by the female only. Brown Pintail males were present at times with one-third of the broods seen, but they showed no brood-care behavior. Males were rarely seen with Red Shoveler broods and there was no indication of male brood care. Our observations suggest that pair bonds may be long-term in Silver Teal and perhaps in some Speckled Teal, but males deserted their brood-tending females in Red Shoveler and Brown Pintail. We emphasize that behavioral observations are needed to determine whether males associating with broods are really contributing to parental care in Southern Hemisphere Anas species.

Keywords. Argentina, parental care, pair-bond duration, wing molt during brood care, Anas versicolor, Anas flavirostris, Anas platalea, Anas georgica

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